The Best Seat in the House

The Best Seat in the House



The throne of the house. The seat where you catch up on social media, have some deep thoughts, or get a high score on your favourite game.

Ode to the Toilet

First Memory

I remember when I did my viewing at THE FIZZ Hannover, I checked the apartment looked around and the moment I entered the bathroom my heart skipped a beat and immediately made up my mind. When I started exploring the bathroom, my brain went wild and started creating scenarios and ideas. Such as, what can I do in this space, how to decorate it: I will install a waterproof speaker here and a candle for after the battle here.

Don’t get me wrong I am not obsessed with bathrooms, but it’s not called “best seat in the house” for nothing. I mean, have you ever lived in a student dorm, where you had to share the bathroom with the whole floor? How can someone be comfortable doing their symphony, if in any second a person could enter the chamber?

This dilemma was solved when I chose to move into THE FIZZ.

Bathroom view of THE FIZZ Hanover with sink and mirror in the middle, shower room with open glass door to the left and toilet seat barely visible on the bottom right.
THE view that started the whole thing – THE FIZZ Hanover

Let me explain

For the non-FIZZies: THE FIZZ Apartment is a one-room apartment equipped with a mini kitchen. Besides the main kitchen in the common areas, THE apartment’s kitchen has all the tools students could need to prepare something small. A cooktop, sink, fridge, microwave, and a couple of cabinets for storage.

Moreover, each apartment in THE FIZZ has a Loo (UK & Irish). Each one of those Thronerooms is furnished with a shower, sink, and toilet alongside a mirror and cloth hanger. And you know what… the Wi-fi signal is badass in there 😉.

Not so much for a room that people spend over 2 years of their life in. Yes, you read it right according to DailyInfographic on average, men spend about 2 years and 125 days in the bathroom. On the other hand, women spend about 2 years and 40 days. I think this is enough reason to take this room more seriously.

Narrow bathroom of THE FIZZ Freiburg with tilted window at the end and a sink and mirror on the right side. The small room is bright and friendly decorated.
focus on details and get inspired – THE FIZZ Freiburg

Let me paint you a picture here

You drank too much before you went to sleep, woke up in the middle of the night, you step off your comfy bed, a couple of steps and Voilà you are there, do your business and immediately get back to your warm bed. Whether your Pijama is a birthday suit or a Micky Mouse onesie. There is absolutely no reason to worry.

Another one, you come back home after a long hard-working day. You step in your fresh, scented bathroom, the same way you left it. Hop on the shower, all the sudden the moment of inspiration hits you; you feel the need to express it, then simply start singing loud and clear, the inner Michael Jackson with the shampoo bottle as a mic, you hit the highest note you can ever hit, super comfortable, not worrying who is going to listen, (except your neighbor if you hit a note that penetrates the walls) you hop off your shower put your towel on and drag your tired legs a couple of steps until you reach the bed, you throw yourself on there and start daydreaming while relaxing your muscle.

The last one, you run back home after a suspiciously looking Döner you had for lunch, you enter the chemical closet and… You know what? I will stop right here and leave it for your imagination.

A big bathroom at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. On the left, there is a shower with open glass door. In the middle you can see the toilet seat and to the right, the sink and a mirror. The floor is tilded dark grey and the walls tilted beige.
Enough for all the scenarios – THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station

What i want to say is,

our lives in one way or another are depending on this room, unfortunately, we are not giving this room the attention that it deserves. I mean, if it was not that important Salazar Slytherin would not hid the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets in there, nor the crazed Jack Torrence said his famous quote “Here’s Johnny”.

However, THE FIZZ gave enough attention and thoughts to this room and you already saw it in the pictures, and that is something I want to appreciate.

Three different pictures showing the toilet seat at Darmdtadt, Frankfurt and Vienna Brigittenau in almost the same perspective - from the front.
THE best seats in a couple of THE houses

Live long and prosper 🖖