We create a better home for you

We create a better home for you



Stay tuned for our upgrade in our community areas, apartments and services at THE FIZZ!

Have you been hearing some construction site noises? Along with recognising some changes in some of our THE FIZZ houses? That is our upgrade! We have gained so many experience points over the last years, and a few months ago a message popped up on our screens: Level up! You have unlocked upgrades for the community areas, apartments and services! What does that mean? Let’s take a deeper look at the new achievements we’re working towards:

As usual, everything evolves around your quality of life at your home at THE FIZZ. At THE FIZZ Berlin, Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hannover and Vienna Brigittenau, all of our community areas are getting their individual makeovers. To give you detailed descriptions of all the changes would take a little too long. Just dive deeper here.

First impressions…

To give you an impression of what our level-up has in store, I have collected some examples:

To be prepared for rainy days THE FIZZ Frankfurt received some brand new relaxing areas with a stunning cinema and a cosy chill-out zone. On the other hand in Bremen, enjoying the sun and green atmosphere around the house gets even easier with an improved BBQ area. The rooftop terrace of THE FIZZ in Vienna Brigittenau is, after a terrasse-building workshop, the perfect place for sunbathing and gardening projects in the raised garden beds.

We create a better home for you THE FIZZ RENDER FRANKFURT 1
THE FIZZ Darmstadt
We create a better home for you rendering vienna bri

All community areas also prove to be a real allrounders anyway with new gaming areas, filled with billiard and table tennis spaces, and brand new community kitchens. So, nothing stands in the way of a gaming session on the PlayStation or a cooking evening with your fellow FIZZies! But we are not only getting fit by building raised garden beds.

We create a better home for you the fizz aachen hero aspect ratio 1224 1200
We create a better home for you the fizz muenchen kitchen 9
We create a better home for you vienna brigittenau gardening
We create a better home for you The FIZZ Brigittenau Gardening 62

In Berlin, Darmstadt and Hanover you will marvel at new inhouse gyms! (Wow, nothing sounds more like a TV ad than this sentence… forgive me.) I will back this audacious claim up: What is the biggest enemy of working out? Getting yourself motivated enough to start. But what is a better motivation than your gym bro living next door and you don’t even have to leave the building to get started? And no extra entry fee is a good deal too, right?

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On many occasions, you will find your way to the reception. Reception? That sounds like coming into a bureau complex. No, we decided we wanted to have a reception lounge! A place to arrive, meet up and a linchpin for our house managers to organise, help out and answer questions. Therefore, the upgrade will bring modernised furniture, sitting arrangements and a new counter for this entrance area itself!

We create a better home for you Darmstadt Refurbishment Update aspect ratio 1346 1080
We create a better home for you vienna bri refurbishment furniture cut aspect ratio 1403 1080
We create a better home for you RENDDER A 2 edited aspect ratio 1508 1080

With the level up, we also discovered the quest “apartments” and that did not go as planned… The NPC said something like: “Make sure every resident gets an apartment perfectly suited to themselves.” and upon further inquiry, he glitched into a wall, poor guy. So, we had to come up with a solution ourselves. We can’t paint each apartment in one’s favourite colour. But what we can do is update the customizability!

The upgrade varies from city to city, but what we basically did, was to modernise some of the furniture and adding new backboards, countertops, cabinet doors and hobs for the kitchen. To make sure you can study for the best grades at university, we updated your working desks and chairs and for the late-night study sessions there are new desk lamps and curtains. To enjoy the level up in your sleep too, there are new bed frames and mattresses at hand.

Oh, and because we don’t necessarily have your favourite colour, we wanted to leave the wall decorations up to you. With the new customisable rail system, you can hang pictures wherever you want. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be pictures, you can hang tapestries, origami swans, or printed memes, whatever you like. You could also pin the memes on the new pinboard that is included in the upgrade, that might look better. Et voilà, these apartments look a lot more like home and you can make sure this home is perfect for you. Quest successfully finished!

Upgraded services

What is an upgrade without the proper soft skills? Well, still a nice change for sure but if we level up, then we’re doing it right. Our services are getting upgraded, too. We will take the digital household a step further. WIFI toasters for everyone! Okay no, that’s not true. There are things more important than cyber sandwiches. Laundry for example. With the app “appWash” you can manage everything there is to manage when it comes to washing your clothes. Via the app you can see which washing machines and dryers are currently free, you can check how long the washing process is going to take at any time and pay via smartphone. And of course, the laundry lounges are renovated too, and shine in a new glance.

a young girl sitting at a modern designed laundry area reading her book

No matter in which house, it’s all about new furniture, new style and new ideas! All of our locations are a bit different and so are the different upgrades! Apropos time, our THE FIZZ houses in Vienna and Frankfurt are already completely upgraded and most of the other locations will follow between November 2023 and the beginning of 2024!

All photo rights by International Campus GmbH.