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We create a
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Sneak peek of your home upgrade

Your home upgrade

The well-being of our FIZZies is our highest priority. Our goal is to provide you the best living experience as possible. So, we are working on making the most out of all spaces. To unlock the full potential of our living concept, we created an even better one matching your everyday needs. Stay tuned for what is coming next: From April until September 2023, we are working on an upgrade of your apartment, the community areas and the services.*

*Differs between the respective locations.

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We make the most out of all spaces

What to expect?

Your upgrade


It’s time for your own four walls to shine!

Among other things, the mattress, desk chair, lighting, curtains, the kitchen worktop and kitchen wall, the sink including the fittings will be replaced. In the future, you will be able to design your walls individually using a modular picture rail.

*Please note that the upgrade varies by city.

Community areas
Community areas


New community areas will be created or adapted according to your everyday needs. To create a nice athmosphere, modern furniture and designs will be implemented.

*Please note that the upgrade varies by city.


TULU Boxes

To improve your overall wellbeing, we’re making the following improvements to our Services:

Digital rental item system: Borrow rental items 24/7 independently from a vending machine. We work together with the company TULU.


Doing laundry is definitely not one of your favourite to do’s. But in the end, you can’t get around it, so we’ll rebuild it for you.

You will soon be able to use appWash to make washing more convenient. More about that will follow in a separate email.