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Welcome to our how-to guide on starting your journey at THE FIZZ.

Here we have covered everything you need to know about taking your first steps towards your future home, starting from booking your apartment online, going all the way through to explaining the different parts of your contract.

Just choose your desired country to get started and follow along with our step by step infographics & blog articles.

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Explore your future home on site with a personal house tour.

Learn how to easily book a viewing at one of our THE FIZZ locations.
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Wondering how the booking process works or would like to find out more about the components of your monthly all-in price? Take a look at our helpful infographics, which are specifically created to assist you at every step of your booking journey.

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Discover our

Still have questions about booking and need more detailed information? Discover how easy it is to book your apartment online in our blog articles with helpful tips and tricks.

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