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We created a
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Sneak peek of your home upgrade

Your home upgrade

The well-being of our FIZZies is our highest priority. Our goal is to provide you the best living experience as possible. So, we worked on making the most out of all spaces a place maintained by our THE FIZZ community. To unlock the full potential of our living concept, we created an even better one matching your everyday needs. Between August 2023 until January 2024, we are worked on an upgrade of your apartment, the community areas and the services.

Please note that the images shown are only examples and may differ.

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We make the most out of all spaces .

Your Apartment Upgrade

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Single Bed

    Beds & matrasses

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Office

    Desk chair

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Curtain

    Window curtains

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Gallery 1

    Rail system & pinboard

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icon Sidebar

    Wall-, desk, standing & ceiling lights

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Faucet

    Kitchen sink incl. fittings

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icons Outline Purple Stove


  • Kitchen Icon

    Cutlery system

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THEFIZZ Icon Paths IconPot Kitchen Purple

    Kitchen work top

  • Allianz Refurbishment Darmstadt THE FIZZ Icon Outline Purple Disinfect

    Kitchen anti-splash counter

More upgrades

Our Construction

Your upgrade
01/24 - Community Areas

We started redesigning the community areas on 11th August 2023. The entrance area with a brand new reception lounge and the remaining community areas were completed by the end of January 2024.

What is new? Enjoy the new reception lounge, the new community kitchen and gaming area in the ground floor as well as a brand new inhouse gym (in 2024)!

We will celebrated this completely new areas at our Opening Party on 4th November 2023!

08/23 Show Room

From 5th August 2023, you had the possibility to visit our show rooms and see what your apartment upgrade will look like. As your apartment upgrade has been successfully finished, we would still open both show rooms to future FIZZies during our on-site viewings.

08-09/23 - Apartments
08-09/23 - Apartments

We finished the apartment upgrade! Your own four walls are shining in a new glance! But what is new?

beds and matrasses (old building), matrasses in a few apartments of the new building, desk chair, wall-, desk, standing and (partly) ceiling lights, cuitains, kitchen sink incl. fittings, new kitchen work top & anti-splash counter, new hob, Modulair Rail System incl. pinboard

10/23 - Services

TULU boxes

To improve your wellbeing, we also adjust our services as follows:

Digital rental item system: Borrow rental items independently from a vending machine 24/7. We cooperate with the company TULU. For more information, please visit the website.


Doing laundry is definitely not one of your favourite activities. But in the end you can’t get around it.

As part of your upgrade we have provided you with brand new washing machines! Furthermore, washing becomes more easily with appWash! Have fun washing your laundry!


Alle Infos
Here you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our Letting Team via our contact form.

What changes have been done to my apartment?

Luckily your apartment upgrade has been successfully finished! What is new?

  • new matrasses
  • new desk chair
  • new standing-, wall and desk lights
  • new curtains
  • new kitchen sink & fittings, new cutlery tray, new countertop and kitchen wall
  • new hob (in old building as well)
  • new modular picture rails
  • additionally in the old building: new beds


*If you have your own mattress/furniture, please inform your house managers in advance.

What happened if I’m out of town when my apartment upgrade is scheduled?

You had the option to give us – THE FIZZ – a power of attorney, through which you will allow us to enter your apartment even in your absence. Or you could have empowered a third person (e.g. a friend) to represent you in the process.

How have I been informed when my apartment would be upgraded and how long it would take?

You have been informed via several channels, especially via regular emails with the exact date of your apartment upgrade.

What was the process of my apartment upgrade in terms of my personal belongings and space?

On the day of your apartment upgrade, we requested your presence to confirm the condition of your apartment at the time before your upgrade began. At the end of the upgrade, you received a handover form confirming that everything was in good condition and that all your things were handed over as before the upgrade. The entire process was documented photographically before and after work. When the workmen entered your apartment, the bathroom and your closets were sealed together with you so that they could not be opened again.

If you have filled out a power of attorney, one of our employees or a person authorized by you will have sealed the bathroom and your closet, signed the seal and the handover form

Did I get any support from the house management in preparing my room for the refurbishment?

Yes, you received two storing boxes which you could pick up at the reception to pack and store your belongings temporarily. The cabinets and bathroom have been sealed together with you, so your belongings were safe. If you handed over your apartment by yourself, you could sign the sticker. In case of a power of attorney, one of our colleagues signed it.

What happened if I didn’t agree to the renovation of my apartment?

According to your rental agreement, we are allowed to make improvements in your apartment. If you deny us access, you must compensate us for the effort that arises from this.