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We want to make your study life as convenient and pleasant as possible. Therefore, we have compiled an overview of the most important documents, insurance policies and accounts that you will need for your move to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or the Czech Republic. Are you missing something? Check out our exclusive partner offers!

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Certificate of enrollment

The enrollment certificate is the proof that you are enrolled at a university. You will receive it automatically with the acceptance for your student. By the way, you can present it (besides your student ID) at many institutions and benefit from discounts – for example in museums, theatres, exhibitions or other performance venues.

Alternatively, internship or apprenticeship certificates are also accepted.

Health insurance

You will need proof that you are covered by health insurance in your home country. You can obtain this proof from your health insurance company on request. If you don’t have health insurance yet, take a look at the partner offer of a Techniker Krankenkasse policy.

Bank account in the country

As soon as you live in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or the Czech Republic for several months and even earn money there, you will have to open a bank account at a bank located in the respective country. You can do this online or directly at the bank. Here you can find out more about the different options and accounts.

Liability insurance

The liability insurance covers you against various accident damages. In most cases, this insurance costs only a few euros per month. At Getsafe you can easily and quickly take out an insurance policy online.

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Getsafe liability insurance is always at your side via app. Especially if something goes wrong, you report the damage on the spot. Getsafe takes care of solving the matter as quickly as possible.
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When you move out of home or start studying, new questions arise: How am I insured? What do I have to pay? Techniker Krankenkasse has the answers.
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