Get to know the Residential Managers in Utrecht

Get to know the Residential Managers in Utrecht



Meet Edward and Rik - the residential managers of THE FIZZ Utrecht - and get to know them better.

Our award-winning student accommodation THE FIZZ Utrecht has been opened in 2021 and welcomed first tenants from all over the world! It is the tallest building in the Overvecht district and not only looks futuristic, but is also a pioneer in sustainability. Our international FIZZies not only enjoy access to several spacious indoor and outdoor areas, a roof garden, study and fitness rooms. But that is not enough! The residential managers Edward and Rik are the heart of the building and are there for our FIZZies from day one. We met them and asked all the questions you might have. Get to know them better by reading through the interview!

What is the Residential Manager‘s role?

Edward: To create and facilitate a well-balanced environment for students and employees. Furthermore, connect people and make use of all the opportunities that this beautiful house and neighbourhood has to offer. Have a good connection with all the stakeholders and be an ambassador for THE FIZZ as a whole.

Rik: Yes, I agree. I think our role is to make the tenants feel at home. They have to feel comfortable and safe living here and should always feel more than welcome to drop by the office for questions or just a chat! The people who live here are the community and we are here to maintain that community.

What is your motto in life?

“What a beautiful life, what a beautiful world.” (by Gui Boratto)

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What are three important qualities that a FIZZ Residential Manager should have?

Edward: Patience, overview and empathy

Rik: Yes, and not to forget very good communication skills, being able to act and improvise quickly and having good organising skills.

How important is it for you as Residential Managers to have a good relationship with the tenants?

Rik: The most important! Happy tenants mean a happy me. Having a good relationship with the tenants means that they feel free to drop and tell me if they are happy with THE FIZZ. If not, I can act on that and make sure that the issue is solved!

Edward: For me it is very important as well! We want to give the residents the feeling that we are approachable, whether it is for advice, troubleshooting or just for small talk. Also, if you know your residents, you know what is living amongst the community.

What is your motto in life?

“It was in love I was created, and in love is how I hope I die.”

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What fascinates you about your job and what are you particularly looking forward to?

Edward: Every day is different, so never a dull moment! I also love the fact that I can still make use of my hospitality background. Furthermore, when Corona is finally done, I’m really looking forward to organising some awesome events with the team.

Rik: I absolutely love the diversity of the people living here. So many cultures and languages, I learn something new every day. Due to Covid we weren’t allowed to organise events and I am really looking forward being able to build the community and doing different things with our tenants.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?

Rik: I have a 3-year-old daughter, so obviously I love doing things with her. I really like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially when cooking for other people. Apart from that I like to travel and reading a book every now and then. Do you have a photo of yourself cooking? 😉

Edward: I love to play games, whether it is on a console or just regular boardgames. Since September last year, I became a father, so my daughter is a big part of my free time now. I also love to watch football. Do you have a photo of yourself while doing your hobbies?

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What are 3 main points which make THE FIZZ Utrecht so special to you?


What fascinates me about THE FIZZ Utrecht is the mixture of cultures and backgrounds of the residents. What is also special, I think, is the speed in which the feeling of community was created. We already hear many good stories about people connecting and the sense of community.

Rik: Yes, first and foremost, it is also community for me. It almost feels like a little village, it’s a big building with a lot of apartments, but everybody seems to know each other.

Edward: Furthermore, the look of the building. When I arrive here on bike, it looks impressive!

Rik: For me as well! The building is brand new, has a lot of facilities and provides everything our tenants need. Last but now least the location. It is located in Utrecht, an amazing city with a very lively city centre. Enough things to discover for our tenants and activities to enjoy!

What is the best memory you have of THE FIZZ Utrecht so far?

Edward: Check-in, 1st of October 2021. Kind of madness, more than 180 check-ins in 1 day. Great team effort as you can imagine.

Rik: I think the atmosphere in general is something that sticks to me. Everyone seems friendly towards each other, and I can’t wait to build the community even further.

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What is your favourite area at THE FIZZ Utrecht?

Edward: The terrace on the 15th floor with the amazing view of the beautiful city of Utrecht. Especially looking forward to the finishing of the restoration of the Dom of Utrecht. This beautiful iconic landmark has been wrapped since early 2020 and will be unwrapped in 2024, so it will be one hell of a view from the 15th floor once that is finished!

Rik: My favourite area isn’t done yet! But it will most definitely be the bar/restaurant opening in THE FIZZ Utrecht very soon. Oproer is a brewery so they will have a lot of nice beers on draft and some nice bites on the side.

How important is neighbourhood to you?

Edward: The neighbourhood is crucial to THE FIZZ Utrecht. We want to create and contribute to the development of the city part Overvecht. We want to show the neighbourhood that having 639+ students can be a contribution to the neighbourhood instead of a burden.

Rik: Very important. I lived in Utrecht for a very long time and absolutely adore it. I used to live only 5 minutes away from THE FIZZ Utrecht so I know the neighbourhood pretty well. I always enjoyed to multi-cultural aspect of this part of town and all the different kind of restaurants located in this area.

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What attractions and places would you recommend in and around Utrecht to our FIZZies?

Edward: Take a walk among the canals, especially the ‘Oude Gracht’. During summer, have a drink ‘op de Neude’, with all the nice terraces. Or climb ‘de Dom’ and be on the top of Utrecht. Afterwards go to ‘Olivier’ and try one of their many special beers. Or just chill in one of the many parks Utrecht has. It’s also lovely to just take a 20 min bike ride to the outskirts of Utrecht and take a walk in a forest and leave the city behind. For every occasion I have a suggestion!

Rik: For me it’s also definitely strolling around the canals, especially in the evening/night. It’s absolutely stunning! Just wandering around the city centre and go for a beer of coffee in one of the many little restaurants and café’s is amazing.

Apart from that when you are new in town, it’s a must to climb the Dom tower in Utrecht. It’s the highest building in Utrecht and gives you a spectacular sight! Also a very good work out since there aren’t any elevators!

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Anything more to say?

Edward: If you are ever in the neighbourhood, swing by for a cup of coffee!

Rik: I am really looking forward to meeting any further tenants and colleagues! Together I believe we can really make THE FIZZ Utrecht a benchmark for student housing.

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