A new chapter in life – THE FIZZ makes it easy to read

A new chapter in life – THE FIZZ makes it easy to read



Starting a new chapter in life? THE FIZZ makes it easy to read! Learn how to have an easy start.

I’ve heard you’re one of the young people starting a new chapter of life and leaving your homestead to study? I can imagine there are lots of thoughts about life going on in your head. Sometimes the world seems rather complicated. That’s why we do everything to help you find your place in whatever new situation you are going to master.

So, you’re leaving home. I bet your parents are not going to let you take their furniture, so you’re facing the challenge of getting your own. But transporting a whole bed tends to make moving really stressful. Not to forget that new furniture requires money that you’re more likely to spend on your studies… or leisure. Of course, we thought about that, so all THE FIZZ apartments are fully furnished with their own sleeping and working area, a pantry kitchen, an own bathroom and much more that makes your apartment feel like you’re second home! And in case you need a starter pack to fill those shelves with dishes: We have some prepared! Not even the tiring task of setting up a new Wi-Fi is left for you to do. No stress, no worry, just moving from your old home into the new one.

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Start your new chapter in life with THE FIZZ family

To make sure you get to experience the best possible first year in the said new home, there is someone who can answer all your questions about living in THE FIZZ! A wise soul with the knowledge of ancient times who will always be there to give you advice. Ups, trailing off a bit… I forgot to mention who this magical person is, haven’t I? Indeed, these people aren’t magical, they are our great House Managers in every THE FIZZ House! They are there to answer questions, organize events and manage the location.

I know you also have questions that are beyond living. Questions about your new surrounding neighbourhood, the city, and the university. (And if you don’t have them at the moment, they will surely come up.) I can’t answer all your questions, a few maybe, if you consider reading through our other blog articles, but not all of them. The best thing is: there are people who can – our international THE FIZZ Family!

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Your new neighbours in the house and all the other FIZZies in our network. They are already experienced and there to help you. This is what our community is made for: helping each other out, answering questions, and making new friends!And now you worry that you might not get to know them since connecting with new people is difficult? You’re anxious about leaving your family and end up completely lonely in… – Stop that! I said: no worries, we got you.

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Our international community is open to everybody, so you’ll find lots of interesting and nice people from all around the world. You get the chance to meet them at all the events which are included in the all-in living concept of our THE FIZZ houses. For our new residents, there will be a welcome party to which every FIZZie is invited! And surely there are following events and lots of possibilities to connect with people in the public areas, like the community kitchens, lounge areas, gaming, or fitness rooms, and many more.

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The THE FIZZ houses are all located in university cities’ central areas, with a good and reliable connection to public transport and traffic. You can easily reach everything you need. Of course, that also includes the university!

So, now you know there is really no need to worry, but there might be people who are concerned about… everything. Even if all public areas in THE FIZZ are video monitored! (Psst, I’m talking about parents. Some of them seem to do nothing else than being scared that something might happen to you. I do understand them in a way, but you know… I’m sure you’re ready!)

What was I about to say?

Oh yeah, good to know for you and your parents: You’re safe in THE FIZZ, as safe as can be. In addition to the video cameras, we have reliable locking systems for our houses and during the weekend a security company is watching the location. All of these are fantastic circumstances that make moving out a little less spooky. There is an answer to every question and a helping hand for every obstacle, in case you need one. So, ready to read your next chapter in THE FIZZ? We are so much looking forward experiencing this adventure together with you!

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