Convince your parents to provide for you

Convince your parents to provide for you



Find out how to convince your parents to provide for your accommodation at THE FIZZ.

Every guide to moving out of your parent’s house will tell you that money is the most significant deciding factor in your decision. It needs to cover all of your monthly expenses such as rent, food and groceries or health insurance. Even if you have a student job, your earnings won’t necessarily be high enough to finance yourself completely. And who better to ask for financial support than your parents? Let’s find out how to convince and, dear parents, get convinced to provide for the accommodation at THE FIZZ.

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More than an apartment – a whole living package

Moving out of your parent’s house for the first time can be a difficult decision, both emotionally and financially (not only for you but also for them). It is a big deal, no matter where you decide to go. The exciting part of it is, that you become fully independent and get your own place to live. You start apartment hunting, hoping that you will find a new home which meets both your expectations and your budget… Look no further: Find your all-inclusive student apartment at THE FIZZ! And why THE FIZZ? Well, it offers fully furnished apartments where you can focus and relax: versatile spaces for shared experiences and networking, access to an international community as well as individual services provided by house management. What you get is not only an apartment but a whole living package. And what more could a parent want for their kid if not the best they can get?

1. Our THE FIZZ locations

Our student houses are located in top-notch study locations throughout Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. When moving to Germany, check out our houses in Aachen, Berlin, Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover and Munich. In Austria, we are represented by two houses, one in the north and the other in the south of Vienna. We invite you to become a part of our community in Prague in the Czech Republic along with Utrecht in the Netherlands. In total, we have now 14 houses and we are still growing! Our second student accommodation in the Netherlands is opening in Leiden in autumn/winter 2023! Subscribe here if you would like to get updates via email to Leiden.

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2. Fully furnished apartments

At THE FIZZ we do not limit ourselves to only single apartments. We offer several different types of rooms for you to choose from. Apart from singles, we have double, shared or cluster apartments, FIZZ+ and Flex apartments. You can find their main features along with pictures online for each of our houses. All of the studios are fully furnished with high-quality system furniture, bed(s) with mattresses, a personal kitchenette and a modern ensuite bathroom for your everyday needs. High-speed internet connection and a private intercom are also included in every single one of the apartments.

You do not have time to buy all the items you need for a perfect start? Just fill in our contact form and we will provide you with your preferred starter-set, which includes towels, blankets, crockery and cleaning items! If you’re not sure which apartment type would fit you best, take a virtual 3D tour or make an appointment for an on-site visit at THE FIZZ. And come on! Don’t come alone: take your parents with you! They will be there to ask important questions, talk about finances and help you plan your move!

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3. Community areas

What makes THE FIZZ so special is that you get an all-in living package in addition to your own four walls. You can enjoy your private space and simultaneously be a part of an international and vibrant community. Our residents, also known as FIZZies, hail from over 90 countries around the world. Use the versatile spaces for shared experiences: cooking in the community kitchen, learning in the study room, sunbathing on the rooftop terrace, grilling in the courtyard or exercising in the inhouse gym*. Soon enough you will be calling your parents and telling them about new acquaintances and unforgettable memories at the varied activities and events like a movie night, a workshop, a yoga class or a bike ride in the surrounding area. If you have a bike of yours lock it up in our bike cellar in the underground garage. Make sure not only your bike but also your car is safe and secure by renting a parking space. Those and many more advantages are to be found under just one roof. The all-in living concept at THE FIZZ leaves nothing to be desired.

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Summer Games Playoffs 2019 at THE FIZZ Vienna
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Vienna Brigittenau rooftop terrace students

4. Your monthly all-in price

And now it gets exciting, especially for you, dear parents! At THE FIZZ your child gets more than just an apartment, they also benefit from many services that make their everyday study life easier. The monthly all-in price consists of the monthly cold rent and the monthly services. Let’s go through both of them separately, shall we? The monthly cold rent of the apartment depends on its size and features, such as the number of the floor, the view or a balcony. The monthly services include on the one hand furniture, internet and ancillary costs, and on the other the offered living services, such as house management, common areas or security service. It all adds up to the monthly all-in price. See also our infographic for a better overview of all the costs here. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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Pro tipp: book early and book long term!

5. House Management

You need support in the house or something needs to be repaired in your room? Before moving out of home it was probably your parents who you asked for help or advice. No worries! When you’re living at THE FIZZ you just come to the reception and contact the House Management, it’s that easy! The on-site team embodies the character of each of THE FIZZ houses and knows the needs of tenants inside out. No matter what questions you have, they will be happy to support you from day one! If your parents have any concerns, they should feel free to reach out to us as well. As a FIZZie you can pick up your package deliveries, borrow household items, such as a vacuum cleaner, or print important documents during the opening hours of the reception. Even if you don’t need anything specific, just pass by for a chat! And if your parents come for a visit, we will be happy to personally wish them a great stay.

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6. Security

Believe me when I say: you’re in safe hands with us. To enter THE FIZZ house you have to either use a special chip which only tenants have or call a chosen room number on the intercom at the main entrance. Furthermore, all of the public areas are under video surveillance and the community spaces are equipped with locking systems. A security service is on duty on weekends and our staff is trained in first aid and fire protection. So dear parents: don’t worry about your kids, they’re staying safe 24/7 at THE FIZZ.

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Dear Students, I’m sure after reading this article you will easily convince your parents to provide for your apartment at THE FIZZ. And, dear parents, I’m certain you will get convinced that THE FIZZ is what’s THE BEST for your child. They will move to an apartment with a great location, adjusted to their personal needs with a special community, and an on-site team always ready to help. Their home will be their own safe space, just as it was before, but in a different location.

*The community areas vary per location.

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