Welcome Gifts for our FIZZies in Prague

Welcome Gifts for our FIZZies in Prague



We would like to thank our local partners in providing great welcome gifts for our new FIZZies in Prague!

Remember when our THE FIZZ Prague opened in September 2020?

Back then, we opened the gates for new adventures and experiences in our new THE FIZZ Prague. Make no mistake, we were not alone in this, there are local partners, who helped us a lot to welcome our FIZZIES in Prague, properly!

A round table with sweets - chocolate, cookies, traditional Czech "oplatky" -, vouchers and a THE FIZZ welcome bag with "AHOJ" written on it.
Plenty of nice gifts for our Prague FIZZies


We wanted to show our foreign students some local products with tradition. Pedro undoubtedly meets this requirement! Martin, our Assistant House Manager, remembers, how he and his friends were collecting stickers and enjoyed the fruity flavour. The first chewing gum was made in 1968 and it found a way to our hearts, immediately. The iconic black-haired boy with sombrero, was a famous face of the Pedro brand from the beginning. And our FIZZies know: From time to time, they need an extra portion sugar to stay motivated during a hard learning session.


While talking about Czech sweets, we could not miss out Opavia, Czech biggest distributor of biscuits of all kinds. Their story begins in 1840, when Opavia was established as a family company, they were able to fight off all struggles and competitors during the time and maintained their position on the market. Also,the name Opavia was a reference to the first factory in city of Opava, whose name is well-known as the number one biscuit producer in Czech Republic, today.

So, we are so glad that Opavia provided us withsome delicious sweets, just like Kolonáda wafers. Since 1856, Kolonáda spa wafers have reminded visitors from all over the world the atmosphere of the spa promenades, with their unique taste, lightness and delicious aroma. Thanks to its quality and specific taste, it still belongs amongst the ones most sought-after. The secret of their success lies in a proven recipe. The most exquisite ingredients are used, together with strictly followed production technology. The baking forms are made of bronze and the hazelnut mixture is still poured by hand before baking. What else can our FIZZies wish for? Discover the complete range of products and history of the Kolonáda brand on the web or on Facebook. Also, our FIZZies will be happy to enjoy the flavour of Fidorka sweets! This traditional Czech rounded chocolate wafer born in Opava in 1920´s offers a variety of flavours.

Urban Monkey

Urban Monkey may not have decades of history, but has a huge impact on the market today for sure. The main product is a smoothie made of all kinds of fruits or vegetables with focus on keeping the best out of both during the making process. Not only do they take care of our health, their concern is also the health of our mother nature and planet Earth. They use a 100% recyclable packaging, a low carbon footprint due to using only local products. Since Urban Monkey is not pasteurized by heat, it has a shorter expiration and thus there is no interaction between the bottle and the drink itself. Surely, a nice gift for our FIZZies to stay concentrated during a long day at university.

You could have met our partners on the first day in THE FIZZ Prague during study hours as a free snack in our common kitchen. We are going to keep this relationship going and prepare more interesting ways to meet them again.

A square table with sweets - chocolate, cookies, traditional Czech "oplatky" -, vouchers and a THE FIZZ welcome bag with "AHOJ" written on it.
Welcome Bag for our new FIZZies