(Opening) Party Time at Vienna Main Station

(Opening) Party Time at Vienna Main Station


On October 17th, our newest family member THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station celebrated its big opening. Find out what you've missed here!

Welcome to Our Urban Jungle at THE FIZZ

Under this green and tropical motto, we finally celebrated the big opening of our (compared to THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau) cute little and newest student residence in Vienna: THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Though or just because numerous guests have come around to join our party, we want to share this special night with all of you who couldn’t make it to Vienna on October 17th.

A Jungle Party in October?

If you ask me, it’s never too late to have cocktails, grilled food and enjoy tropical vibes. However, asking why we are doing it in October seems quite legit. First of all, the weather those days in Vienna reminded me more of a “Golden Spring” than “Golden Autumn” – there had been 20 degrees and more. Secondly, but most importantly, we wanted to give special momentum to our entrance and its fabulous design made and created by our two students from Die Angewandte. They invented the Urban Jungle there.

Handpainted entrance at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station

What did you miss?

The official start of the party was at 6 PM. Of course, there was a reception with tasty snacks and welcome drinks (Thinking of this Basil Smash Gin almost makes me drooling… almost!), some speeches were held (luckily not too long ones :P) and the building was officially handed over to the house managers Martina and Marcel. Last but not least, the both of them addressed a few words to their tenants and announced the upcoming points on that evening’s agenda:

Green Plants at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Opening Party
A snapshot of our beautiful guest gift plants and one of the several different dishes. Couldn’t find one of the Kaiserschmarrn 😛

Some Impressions

Quite an obsolete saying but it’s true: A picture says more than a thousand words. So, reading exercise is over. Start scrolling and enjoy some photos from our party! 🙂

Opening Party at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station
We really went with our green motto and tried to bring the jungle feeling from the entrance into the house as well.

Tombola at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Student Residence
Tombola Fun! Not only I had fun playing the “Fairy Godmother”, but also our participants/guests were excited. Fun fact: The two winners in the photos above (in total, there were five) are actually the students who designed our beautiful entrance, Monika and Dominik.
Opening Party at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station
Our party guests: A colourful melange of students, residence, press, project partners at every age. The happy faces let assume that they all enjoyed the event.
Photobooth at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Student Residence
Photo Booth or Photo Bomb? We had both.

There are hundreds of other photos (not kidding) we could show you… However, the major stuff is shown above. If you want more, better check out our social media channels. They might follow soon:

I hope you’ll join us for the next party (:

All photo rights by International Campus GmbH.