The best City in the World?

The best City in the World?



Have you ever lived in the best city in the world? Learn how people rank their hometown and which THE FIZZ locations ranks best!

Have you ever lived in the best city in the world? No? How dare you to? – No worries, me neither. And I can even tell you why, because everyone has different needs, interests and experiences. No city can be the best for all of us. But I’m not going to lie, some cities are way more exciting, beautiful, full of joy – or whatever you search for – than others.

The way we know life, there’s probably never the opportunity to see all of the cities in the world to decide which one is the best for you – we can’t have time for everything. Luckily, we found a great article on about the best cities in 2022! The editor Huw Oliver did not just follow his own opinion, the article relies on thousands of people’s rankings about their current hometown. In the article, two of our THE FIZZ locations, namely Berlin and Prague, achieved to be ranked places six and eight from 53 other competitors. That our THE FIZZ community is spread in some of the top ten cities in the world, does definitely sound great!

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Let me rhapsodise a bit (just a bit, I promise). Let’s start with the city of Berlin, not just the capital but definitely one of the liveliest cities in Germany. No matter if you want to spend the day shopping, meeting friends in the park or sleeping off the awesome party from last night, Berlin is the right place. And what is better than enjoying the humming metropolis with your friends? Doing so without having to worry about money! From the city-dwellers, Berlin received the best rating in terms of budget. Only ten percent of people in Berlin described their hometown as expensive. The open-minded community and the great parties are really what makes Berlin. Our THE FIZZ location can be found in the popular district of Kreuzberg, with all of its restaurants, bars clubs and open-air cinemas. You live right in the heart of the city with an energetic neighbourhood, easy connection to public transport and of course close to many of Berlin’s schools and universities. With 212 apartments, our house in Berlin has pretty much like a family atmosphere and gives you a space to recharge after an exciting day in the capital. And should you think about organising a party yourself our THE FIZZ location even got a clubhouse in the courtyard! No matter if you want to study arts or physics, if you want to go shopping or relax in the park if you want to party out in the city or at home. Berlin and your THE FIZZ apartment are waiting for you!

Photo by Anthony Reungère via Unsplash

As great as Berlin is, I do understand if you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the bustle. So, may I introduce you to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic? I don’t say beautiful for nothing, indeed Prague was voted the third most beautiful city in the world this year. The capital offers a great quality of living, presenting many galleries, museums, restaurants and nature. The Divoká Šárka Valley, a great nature reserve, lies right on the outskirts of Prague and invites you to go on wonderful walks to leave the daily stress behind you. While the city is surrounded by nature our THE FIZZ location can be found right in the centre of the city in the upcoming district of Holešovice. Living in the heart of town means an easy and reliable connection to public transport and cultural activities but also the reliving calmness of nature isn’t far. It just takes you a few minutes to get to the park “Stromovka”. And for a little bonus to our location in Prague, you can enjoy all of that from atop in our included Sky Bar! You’re even surrounded by the beauty of the city if you use the time to retreat a bit from daily life at home.

Photo by Xiaofen P via Unsplash

I know I said something about “everyone has own preferences and no city can be the best of all” but let’s be honest: We made pretty good decisions with our locations THE FIZZ in Berlin and Prague… a great city with a bit of bustle or a bit of nature, a welcoming community that loves their home town, and non of that too expensive. See you there!

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