“Living alone is pretty fun.”

“Living alone is pretty fun.”



We asked our FIZZies Giselle and Pascal to tell us about their experiences at THE FIZZ Bremen so far.

Bremen is a city where greenery is highly valued. To celebrate that, our THE FIZZ location in Bremen is very close to the city’s largest park “Bürgerpark” and the lake “Unisee” – the perfect opportunity for picnics and fire-pit evenings! Even closer to Bremen’s THE FIZZ is the university! Our three-part building can be found directly on the campus! It also has a large garden area to relax in, well protected from the city noise. To get an idea of who is living, learning, and relaxing in THE FIZZ Bremen, we asked Giselle and Pascal to tell us about their experiences so far. So, let’s find out who they are and what they can tell you:

Pascal: I’m 19 years old, and I study electrical engineering.

Giselle: I am 19 years old and study at the University of Bremen. My hometown is the island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I wanted to move out and start a life by myself. That’s why I chose Bremen. It’s not as overwhelming as Hamburg, and I also knew the city from some trips before. I really liked it here.

I can really understand that decision. Bremen is a great city. But apart from the city, what is your favourite place at THE FIZZ and why?

Pascal: My favourite place is my own apartment. Here, I can arrange everything the way I like it best.

Giselle: So far, it’s, of course, my own room. But I also like the banks behind THE FIZZ. If you sit there with a book and a coffee during spring or summertime while the sun is shining directly on you, it’s pretty relaxing.

building of a student house in bremen

That fits in with the motto really well! The garden area and the seats there are right in the city, but it feels as calm as the edge of it. As you moved in, the apartment was pretty impersonal, but now it’s one of your favourite spots. That’s how it’s supposed to be – make it your home! What is your best tip for decorating the apartment?

You need a lot of pictures on your wall of things you like. It makes your room livelier, and it is nice to look at stuff you like. Your room won’t look empty and impersonal anymore. Having some plants in your room is also a cheer-up and will literally bring life and carefulness to your life.

Pascal: The apartment isn’t the biggest, so just keep it simple. But that’s my personal preference. The main thing is to feel comfortable.

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That’s the inside, but what about the outside? If you’re looking out the window in your apartment, what is something that you like seeing?

Giselle: So literally, the first thing I’m seeing is my neighbours’ rooms/windows. But when I’m sitting on my bed, I can see some trees and the sky. That’s really nice, and a good view.

Pascal: I live on the side where the street is. There is nothing spectacular to look at. However, the sunset on the balconies is really beautiful to watch sometimes.

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THE FIZZ building in Bremen is very structured with its three parts. However, who knows? Sometimes we’re distracted or stressed and don’t know left from right. Have you ever accidentally tried to unlock the wrong apartment door?

Pascal: I booked a house tour when I moved in. This gave me a good overview right away.
I’ve never gone to the wrong door.

Giselle: The building is pretty easy to overview, so I never lost my orientation here. Even though it happened to me that I tried to unlock the wrong apartment. My room is right on the side when you walk up the B-block stairs. Once I walked up the C-block stairs, I tried to unlock a B4 apartment because I thought I was in the B-block.

"Living alone is pretty fun." THE FIZZ Bremen concierge 3 WEB

I understand that I feel like it would happen to me at least once every few months.
So you have come to Bremen to start your next chapter. At first, this might be pretty overwhelming. What is a life lesson that you have learned in your time at THE FIZZ?

Giselle: Living alone is pretty fun. But having nice neighbours and a good community in the place where you live is also pretty good and healthy for your own being.

"Living alone is pretty fun." header bremen

That’s why community is such an important part of our THE FIZZ concept 😉
To take full advantage of that, what is your best tip for getting to know your neighbours?

Giselle: I most likely got to know my neighbours through the monthly breakfast. Once, I walked with one of my neighbours to a festival. It was very random, but you have to be open-minded when you want to get to know more people. The random meeting was really fun!

The monthly breakfast is, as far as I know, one of the residents’ favourite events in Bremen, it seems like you can confirm that. Apart from that, what has been your favourite THE FIZZ event so far?

Pascal: My favourite event so far was the summer BBQ party. We had great weather, fun games, and good food!

Thanks to our House Managers for the events! Who are your House Managers in Bremen and what are their best qualities?

Giselle: Rene is super friendly and will always listen and help you in a good mood. Frank is also a good listener and often finds down-to-earth solutions. Both really care about tenants and are trying to improve THE FIZZ as best they can.

Pascal: They always try to help as quickly as possible when there are problems, and in addition, they not only do their job but also seek contact with the residents from time to time.

"Living alone is pretty fun." house assistant rene ferreira
"Living alone is pretty fun." house manager frank kuske

It was so nice hearing from you and your experiences living in THE FIZZ Bremen. Thank you for your answers!

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