Living in a Student Accommodation during the Pandemic

Living in a Student Accommodation during the Pandemic



We have collected the most important challenges in finding accommodation during Covid-19. Because we have solutions for them.

Six burning questions and our solutions

A few months ago, a former resident wrote a very well-written article about the advantages of living at THE FIZZ during the quarantine. Since then half a year has passed under the influence of Covid-19. The initial paralysis, the disbelief about the “new reality” has given way to pragmatism. Life goes on. We have adapted.

If you are now looking for accommodation for your studies, you might have slightly different ideas than you did at the beginning of the year. Does it really have to be a room in a 5-bed flat share? How do I feel about the idea of having to share a bathroom in a student residence with an average of four other tenants? But also: How does self-isolation and home-study feel in a one-room flat, without any interpersonal contact? Not everyone would dare to face such extreme situations.

We have collected the most important challenges in finding accommodation during Covid-19. Because we have solutions for them.

A person with purple hair and a colourful shirt hands a small parcel to another person with pink shirt, dark hair and glasses through a hole in a glass screen. They both wear surgical masks.
A person in a black t-shirt leans forward and touches a bed in a small apartment. two girls wearing face masks are standing in line beside him.

1. How can I avoid using hygienically sensitive areas such as communal kitchens and public toilets?

Don’t worry: All THE FIZZ flats are equipped with a private bathroom and kitchenette. This prevents the formation of germs on typical surfaces and in sanitary facilities.

2. How do I keep my mobile data from being eaten up by online lecture streaming?

In the all-in rent the costs for surfing are already included – no matter how long the online lecture is.

3. How do I avoid cabin fever during a Corona lockdown?

Don’t panic: Our buildings are big enough to stretch your legs and even have a chat with your neighbour on the wide corridor. Many houses have huge common areas, which can still be used under security conditions. These include even fitness rooms, Movie corners, gardens or courtyards and roof terraces. In other words: you can clear your head during training or leisure activities.

4. What can I do for my mental health and wellbeing during quarantine?

We create alternative offers online to make your time as pleasant as possible. For example, with yoga sessions, inspiring Zoom lectures or even a private lesson with a flirt coach.

Residents from all over the world share the same experiences and can actively exchange ideas through the in-house communities. For example, they make music together in the inner courtyard, organise an open-air movie night or go on a cycling tour in the countryside.

5. What hygiene measures are taken in the common areas and the general services?

All household appliances available for hire are thoroughly disinfected after each use. The entrance areas and public areas are equipped with hand disinfectant. At most locations, services such as washing and drying or snack machines can be operated without cash. And of course, hygiene and distance regulations apply in all public areas.

6. I can’t cope with the whole situation, who can I talk to?

Our local House Managers are always there for the tenants – in person, by telephone and by e-mail. Our staff is trained and well prepared for the unusual situation.

If you are not feeling well and need psychological support, please contact the telephone counselling service: +49 800 111 011 1.

These are exciting times. At THE FIZZ no one has to go through them alone. We pay special attention to each other. This is what makes us different.

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