Hot Jobs: How to Earn Money During Corona

Hot Jobs: How to Earn Money During Corona



No need to fear a financial crisis during these days! Let us show you some branches, which definitely need an extra pair of hands.

Don’t go broke. Earn money despite Corona!

Uh-oh! We already used the “C-word” twice in our headlines. Basically everyone has been overusing it lately. So, here’s my promise for this article: I won’t mention the “C-word” again. Instead, I will dive right into the topic.

Most people have literally been grounded by their government and need to work from home since weeks. Some love it, some hate it. Others, however, were not so lucky to keep their jobs. Being REALLY broke therefore is a bigger threat than ever to countless students and the fear of a financial crisis is getting real.

Don’t worry. You can get a new job – even now!

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The majority of people misses one thing at this point: There are certain branches that are in substantially greater demand now and thus need additional staff. That’s your chance! Here are some important jobs/industries that secure our basic supplies and are waiting for you.

#1 Grocery Stores: Shop Assistant

Who could have imagined that, one day, the walk to the supermarket will be your day’s highlight: “Yes, I can finally leave my apartment!”. This illusion might be destroyed soon, when entering a messy supermarket with countless emptied shelves. Although there are more employees than usual, working extra hours and giving their best (A BIG SHOUT-OUT TO YOU GUYS!), they can’t keep up with people hoarding and panic buying food. The demand for groceries itself has increased too, of course. Most of the meals you would have enjoyed at restaurants are now prepared at home. Hence, you need to shop more food at the supermarket. Moreover, the health and safety regulations also require additional staff cleaning shopping carts, for example.

You can help! You lost your job? You are bored? You want to legally leave the house? Or you are just one kind soul who wants to help? Your local supermarket will welcome you and your pair of helping hands gladly! Just ask them. Here you can find several job offers as a shop Assistant.

#2 Restaurants: Food Deliverer

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Food delivery services have been the knight in shining armor for all those who are always eating out. Cooking for yourself and embracing your inner chef is great! (Btw: Check out Sarah’s tips for taking your food shopping to the next level!) Still, you can treat yourself to an occasional meal ordered in and, at the same time, support your local businesses. Many restaurants have established their delivery service only a few days/weeks ago and are ready to spoil you. Deliverymen and –girls needed and welcome!

#3 Logistics: Ensure supply chains

Global networking and the dependence of entire continents: Just as fast as the big V spreads, supply bottlenecks and delivery problems are increasing too due to changed logistics. Most borders are closed and new regulations apply to the transport of goods. This leads to new challenges for international companies in particular. If you have been working in the logistics industry or want to take the opportunity to start your career in this field, you will currently find many vacancies for temporary job. Also, job starters are in great demand. This might be your chance to gain a foothold in this branch! Ensure supply chains here.

#4 Healthcare: Help out without medical training

First of all, an enormously big THANK YOU to all medical staff working one shift after another under aggravated circumstances. You guys are among the heroes of each nation.
Well, these heroes need as much help as they can get! Not every country is lucky to have a great health care system such as, for example, Germany and Austria. Even these countries will reach their capacities soon, which is why health facilities offer temporary jobs – with our without medical training. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily will work at the hospital. You might also support pharmacies as courier and deliver medication to high risk groups. Either way, you will substantially contribute to reliving the health care system. What are you waiting for?

#5 Closed Businesses: Craftsmen (and girls!) overhaul

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Your hairdresser, the cute little stationary shop, your favorite book store – everything is closed. Not only you are coming up with new ways to make good use of your newfound time. Various businesses are also productive during lockdown and take inventory, do maintenance work or even redesign their stores. Some paint walls, repair furniture and others resurface the ground or renew the electrics. Skilled craftsmen are in high demand right now! A great opportunity for craft enterprises to polish their website and introduce special offers for these orders. Everyone technically gited now has the chance to use his (or her) talent!

#6 Private Jobs (No, nothing shady..)

Don’t you dare thinking of anything naughty here! Not only business struggle to adapt to the current situations and regulations. Also private individuals are facing severe changes which require new solutions. For example, many parents are not able to take care or educate their kids while working from home. Schools and daycare facilities are closed, nannies can’t come over. Well, luckily we live in the age of the fabulous internet! Babysitters, private tutors or teachers have moved their services online. So, open your browser, offer your skills or find offers for private jobs here. (This is a German website. Choose the category “private jobs”. I am sure there are local equivalents in each country.)

Ready to start?

Some of these tips are obvious but, still, have you thought about using your time to help before? Did you even remember the fun you had when building something with your hands? Either way, we want to help you weather the storm and take your (financial) fears these days. Maybe you won’t have the same income but, that’s the most important thing, you will be earning some money while helping others – two birds with one stone! Actually three, because you won’t go stir crazy at home when working 🙂

I am sure whatever country you are located in will have its own job offer/search platform. Most of them, like Young Capital in Germany, have added special filters for jobs that are available right away. Check them out here.

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