Golden Light and Pumpkin Spice

Golden Light and Pumpkin Spice



Breath in the cosy atmosphere of colourful autumn & get some exciting tips for the cold months at THE FIZZ.

Every year, when the days are getting colder and the leaves are changing colours I fall for that certain atmosphere again (you see what I did there… what a pun!). But honestly, there are so many great ways to enjoy the cold weather and the autumn sun. It would be a waste not to celebrate that! No matter if it’s hot chocolate, the sound of rain against your window or Halloween, this season has something for everyone!

Let’s start with being outside.

When it comes to weather the fall might be a bit moody, but that’s not a problem! Days with golden sunlight between colourful branches are not just the perfect opportunity for a walk, they make for lovely photos! No matter if you are in search of a new profile picture or want to capture the changing landscape. The typical fog that sometimes lingers for the whole day also makes for some mystical pictures. Even if the weather forces you to keep the camera inside, consider a walk anyway. Committing to rain and puddles, equipped with rubber boots and an umbrella is more fun than you would imagine.

Autumn leaves

Enjoy a hot Chocolate!

Striding through a rainy day and chatting with a friend until your fingers and nose are appropriately cold is one thing, but what really makes the day is a hot chocolate afterwards! Coming home to a fluffy blanket and liquid cosiness, that’s what makes life worth living. To make sure you are properly taken care of, here are some tips when it comes to hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate

There is an important difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa. While Cocoa is made from milk and cocoa powder, hot chocolate is based on real chocolate. The higher the fat percentage in the milk, the better the blend and the typical full-bodied taste. Hot chocolate is also a great base for different flavours. You can add cinnamon, coffee, vanilla or even a little chilli, for the extra warmth.

Admire your Decorations!

Snuggled up in your apartment with the warm mug in your hands, that’s the perfect moment to admire your decorations. Wait, decorations? Let’s wind back a moment. If you want to decorate your apartment for the colder seasons there is a very easy and effective way. The magic word is fairy lights! The dimmed lights create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that has a little magical touch to it. You can arrange fairy lights on your shelf or on the wall, wrap them around flowerpots, put them in glass bottles or hang them in dried branches. If you are in crafty mood, you could decorate the cable thematically with artificial leaves, moss, or flowers. Sprinkle in some LED-tealight candles and gathered chestnuts, et voilá: perfectly cosy decorated.

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Time for a Game Night!

When the weather gets cold and windy it’s the perfect time for a game night! Gather some friends, your favourite snacks and of course the right games! Board games, video games or tabletop? Endless possibilities. You can keep it simple and meet up with two or three friends in your apartment, you can invite your neighbours and use the community areas, or you can ask your house manager to help you organise a bigger event. My best recommendation for such a game night is “The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow”, a game where you travel to a gloomy village and try to figure out who kills your fellow villagers as a werewolf – or you are the werewolf yourself… The little intrigues of this game are perfect for the days around Halloween!

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Spooky Halloween!

Of course, we must talk about Halloween! This festivity is most popular in the USA I know, but with each year the trend arrives in Europe a little bit more. Celebrating the spooky season, I can fully understand why that is a growing trend. A Halloween party for all the residents or a horror movie night in the dark community room? Or a little less creepy with a cooking event all around good music and Halloween-themed food?

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Whatever you decide to do in the end, if it’s Halloween, hot chocolate, or an autumn photoshoot. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the season of golden light and pumpkin spice!

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