LOVE, FIZZ & HAPPINESS: Summer Games Finals 2018

June 22, 2018

Let's get FIZZycal: We know how to party!

Sun. Blue sky. 25 degrees. Cool beer. Burgers. Ice Cream. Party. Infinite glory. Sounds like the Summer Games Finale 2018!

Thinking back to all these wonderful things, we want to turn back time to Saturday, June 16 - one hell of a day! Well, for those you couldn't be there we, unfortunately, can't provide a time machine. We're working on that! But until then, we can show you countless reasons for not missing out on next year's finale.

Battle of the giants: Who competed?

A few weeks ago, we already told you everything you need to know about THE FIZZ Summer Games. You forgot? Well, you better reread the infos now!

Anyway, back to the topic. There are no competitions without warriors or, in our case, great teams. See for yourself which team impresses you the most with their outfits and authority.*


THE FIZZ Bremen Team Summer Games 2018
The...  Robo Bears? uhm..


Team THE FIZZ Darmstadt Summer Games 2018
Sandra and here boy squad...


Team THE FIZZ Frankfurt Summer Games 2018
Dr. Sommer is taking care of you! (Or rather likes to be taken care of...)


Team THE FIZZ Freiburg Summer Games 2018
Freiburg is ready for their daily dose Schwarzwaldmilch (Black Forest Milk)!


Team THE FIZZ Hanover Summer Games 2018
The Avocados. The Allstars. Whatever! It was nice to have you joining us again!


Team THE FIZZ Vienna Summer Games 2018
We (more or less) proudly present: THE 'DFIZZsters :

Let's play a love game: Ready for competition!

Know your enemies! With that mission completed, on to next step. Our fearless teams went into the competitions with sheer braveness and endless fighting spirit. They had to prove themselves during these four games:

  1. Feel the vibe!
  2. Flunky Ball
  3. Throw it, catch it!
  4. Fitness First Parcour


Guess whaaaat?! Blindfolded and hands on whatever we gave them or on their backs: That was feel the vibe! Our warriors had to guess items as fast as they could. Sometimes there mouth was all they could use.

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 1 "Feel the vibe"


Okay, to be honest, if we have to explain Flunky Ball to you, you are NOT a proper student!

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 2 "Flunky Ball"
Ready to throw the ball...

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 2 "Flunky Ball"
Okay, here we go!

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 2 "Flunky Ball"
We can't remember if the FIZZsters hit the bottle... But looks like the Allstars/Avocados/Ninjas did!


Not getting wet during a water-balloon fight, is a challenge of its own. However, we wanted more! Our FIZZies had to catch the water balloons without making them pop.

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 3 "Throw it, catch it"
Our surprise team tried their best in catching the water bombs!


Work it, baby! Our fitness partner in Darmstadt - Fitness First - supported us with the finale game, a fitness parcours with different challenges. It was a pleasure to watch it! THE FIZZsters and Team Dr. Sommer didn't give anything away. It really was the batlle of the giants!

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 4 "Fitness First Parcours"
Frankfurt and Vienna fighting for the gold medal and ticket to the international finals... spirit!

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Game 4 "Fitness First Parcours"
Full commitment! Who will be the winner? It was exciting to the end...

The winner takes it all: Infinite glory and a trip to Istanbul!

Sweat, anger, team spirit, joy, ... We can't even name all the emotions we observed during the four games. It was pure excitement until the end! The teams didn't spare themeselves anything during the games. The last one - Fitness First Parcours - was a head-to-head race.

Our jury had a tough job deciding who will be the lucky winner of infinite glory and a trip to the international finals in Istanbul. Discussions, arguments, persuasive speeches - after all they couldn't decide if THE FIZZsters or Dr. Summer performed better during the last game. So they decided - which was a pretty fabulous thing! - that...

Now make some noise, please! (We need to enjoy the sustense to the fullest...)











And the winner was..

uhm... were...







They did such a phantastic job that our jury was unable to decide which team deserved it more to bathe in glory. So they plainly decided that THE FIZZ will be sending two teams to the finals in Istanbul. We love you for that!

THE FIZZ Summer Games: The winning teams from THE FIZZ Vienna and THE FIZZ Frankfurt
And the two winning teams even more!

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018 Award ceremony
We have to admit... We are not the only ones who know how to party. Students are a class of their own!

Capture it. Remember it.

After the award ceremony the party was continued inside. DJ Big Tim heated up the crowed with fat beats until the morning hours!

Day and night: A party like that creates memories for a life time. As people still tend to forget even such great stuff, we have captured almost everything on video. Lucky you, who haven't been there! Check it out:


We are so looking forward to next year's Summer Games and hope to see you all there!

*Due to GDPR we can not provide a picture of Team Berlin...

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