Holešovice: One of Europe’s Coolest Neighbourhoods

Holešovice: One of Europe’s Coolest Neighbourhoods


Let's find out what's so special about Prague's Holešovice - according to the British Guardian, one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe!

Art and Culture off the Beaten Track in Holešovice

Thinking of Prague with its countless beautiful spots and monuments, the famous Charles Bridge or Wenceslas Square will probably come to your mind first. However, as in many cities, the beauty lies off the beaten (touristy) tracks too.

For years, Holešovice has been known as “unattractive part of Prague” or even as a “dead gray space”. But over the past decade, the area has started to transform from the ugly duckling to the swan – thanks to young entrepreneurs and creative people! They made use of the empty spaces and low rental prices to turn Holešovice into a vibrant neighbourhood full of art galleries, designer shops and bars.

Let’s find out what makes Praha 7 so special!

Prag Bridge

What to See & Do in Holešovice

The Guardian editors admitted that Holešovice might not be “as postcard-pretty” as Stare Mesto (the old town of Prague) but, nevertheless, it offers a great variety of museums you definitely shouldn’t miss as culture enthusiast (or hipster):

Theater and film fans will find pleasure in visiting:

The small but vibrant Veverkova street is Holešovice’s mini-hub for all the shoppers out there:

Where to Eat & Drink in Holešovice

Plenty of healthy options for grabbing a bite or a drink are waiting for you – and the number of hip cafés or bars continues to grow! The following cafés and bars were definitely among the reasons for making Holešovice one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe!

Cafe Letka: A coffee you don't want to miss out.

Where to Party in Holešovice

In case you will be living at THE FIZZ Prague, you won’t be alone – life in our student residences means being part of a huge family! Nevertheless, we would not put you through staying in a neighbourhood without options for a proper night out. So here you go with the best party spots in Holešovice:

Many parties start with a proper drink. Do it with style in several typical bars |

Nature in Holešovice

Those looking for a moment of tranquility surrounded by nature are advised to go to Stromovka Park or Letna Park. Especially the latter offers marvellous views over the rest of Prague. In summer, many people use the several gardens to refresh themselves with beer.

Prague Castle

The Coolest Student Residence in Holešovice

Well, we can’t blame The Guardian for not mentioning it yet BUT… in Autumn, Holešovice will become an even cooler neighbourhood and hotspot for students! Soon, people from all over the world will find Prague’s most modern student residence in Holešovice. Our first THE FIZZ in Czech Republic will open its doors and students can enjoy their first apartment on their own either in a single studio or in a double/shared room. More about THE FIZZ and the booking start on our website!


And the Other Coolest Neighbourhoods?

Holešovice was ranked 7th in the list of “coolest neighbourhoods in Europe” but what about the other places? Maybe you need inspiration for your next vacay? Järntorget and Långgatorna in Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest city, made the first place. These cities were once a place for sailors and dockers to enjoy themselves after payday. Today, the many bars and pubs continue this tradition. The second ranking went to the university district in Brussels followed by El Cabanial in Valencia. Here’s the full article if you want to find out more! 🙂

We might be back with a more detailed Holešovice guide – stay tuned!

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