How to Spice up Your Apartment

How to Spice up Your Apartment


All the furniture is already there and the same as in hund­reds of other apart­ments: Seems impos­sible to add your per­sonal touch? Not at all! Here's how.

We give you the frame, you paint the picture!

Regarding the restrictions mentioned above, you’re probably asking yourself the legitimate question whether it’s even possible to give your new home a personal touch. What if I told you there’s more than just one inexpensive and cool way to make your space look unique? Don’t believe me? Let me convince you:

Color it up

(Without acutally painting it…) Sometimes it’s just necessary to add some color to a grey world. Decent color accents can completely change your apartments atmosphere. Be your own Picasso and play around with multiple colors. But you better don’t get too artsy or your apartment may end up looking like unicorn puke – a few well chosen color accents are totally enough. There are many simple ways to add some color such as changing your bedding, adding some fancy pillows, a colorful chair or patterned plates. You can also let your creativity run wild on your whiteboard: grab colorful pens and create your individual artwork or hang up some pictures.

clean and minimal living
minimal design concept with plants and a painting

Home is where you plant it

Adding plants to your apartment will literally liven it up. Whether it’s a cute cactus, a pretty orchid or a sassy palm – you are completely free in choosing your spirit plant. Apart from benefits such as better air quality, kind of having a pet and improving your green thumb, a plant simply is a pretty accessory which is going to add a natural touch to your apartment. To get back to the color aspect: grab a flashy plant pot to give your plant that certain something, which other plant-owners will admire you for.

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It’s all about statements

Let’s just appreciate the fact that you can upgrade your place simply by adding one outstanding thing. There is a huge variety of freaky lamps, antique vases and a bunch of other stuff. I know it’s not always possible to simply visit the furniture store of your trust and buy whatever catches your eye as extraordinary furniture can be quite expensive. Going for a treasure hunt in your grandmother’s cellar or visiting flea markets are totally inexpensive ways to find unique pieces.

Here are some cool flea markets in my hometown Vienna: Flohmarkt Neubaugasse, Flohmarkt Wienerberg, Mondscheinbazar, Vintage Flohmarkt

Rug N’ Roll

Unspectacular Floor? Cold feet when you get out of bed? You are spoiled for choice: choose a suitable carpet from an infinite number of different types. Rugs literally come in all kind of versions and shapes – fuzzy, oriental, faux fur, round, rectangular, square-shaped and many more. It totally depends on your taste, just make sure your carpet isn’t to light and easy to clean(thank me later). Totally in right now: fancy patterned cotton rugs

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Less is more

Cluttering is never a good idea for a studio apartment – in fact it could end up looking like your great aunties place real quick. Therefore,always ask yourself whether you really need stuff or if it’s just gonna end up dusting on some shelf. This is not only better for your apartment and your piggy bank – A clean, minimalistic look will make your apartment appear bigger, modern and well-organized. Short reminder: This also counts for your wardrobe. Instead of fast fashion and impulse purchases, only buy stuff you are going to wear and maybe go for second hand shopping from time to time.

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