Outdoor Studying Around University of Vienna

Outdoor Studying Around University of Vienna



Enough of spending beautiful days with studying inside your room? Together with iamstudent, we have listed the best places for studying outdoor in Vienna.

Sunny Studying Around University of Vienna

We have to admit: There definitely are some beautiful libraries in Vienna. Especially in the university’s main library, you will feel like studying in Hogwarts. But as most of the libraries are currently closed, we made it our mission to explore outdoor learning paradises around the University of Vienna for you. Especially on hotter days the atmosphere in libraries and other indoor study place can get quite sticky. (We all have experienced the effect heat and sweat have on our bare skin when it meets a wooden chair…). Therefore, you can also see outdoor studying as a way to escape this sweaty mess.

All time favorite: The Volksgarten

Let’s start with one of Vienna’s most popular green lungs: The Volksgarten! No matter if you enjoy the park as outdoor study paradise or just seek a place to relax and unwind, either way, the Volksgarten offers countless sunny as well as pleasantly shady spots. Another perk: Cleanliness has top priority to make studying here literally a walk in the park… without looking out for doggy poo. We almost forgot to mention: You will enjoy Vienna’s imperial flair here, too.

Schloss Schönbrunn Vienna

Beautiful, cozy, shady: The Burggarten

Walking across Heldenplatz, you will soon find yourself standing in the middle of Burggarten. This park awaits all outdoor learning lovers with a special “Schmankerl” (Austrian for a special treat): Surrounded by shade-giving trees and green seating/lying areas, you will find a small pond! But beware: Don’t let the cute quacking ducks distract you from studying 😛


Tiny but shiny: Grete-Rehor-Park

Almost next to the Austrian Parliament, the Palace of Justice and Palais Eppstein, the Grete-Rehor-Park is ready for any student eager to learn outdoor. This cute little park and his huge old trees offer many shady places for busy students. It actually allows you to really enjoy nature without worrying about frying your brain cells in the sun.


Not only for Psych(ology) students: The Sigmund-Freud-Park

Walking towards Alser Straße, you will reach Sigmund-Freud-Park as well as the fabulous Votivkirche (Votiv Church) within less than 5 minutes from Uni Vienna. Feel free to take a sit either on the green meadows or on one of the many benches. Although the famous Ringstraße and other busy streets surround the park, you can almost lie down in spa-like silence on the meadow.

schloss belvedere vienna

Genuine Austrian: The Ostarrichi-Park

Substantially smaller and also a bit busier, the Ostarrichi-Park forms the Austrian National Bank’s front yard. Just 5 walking minutes from Sigmund-Freud-Park, it offers a comfortable alternative in case the other park already is crowded. Although Ostarrichi-Park might seem a bit inconspicuous, we couldn’t help but add it to our list of outdoor study paradises. It really is a secret tip since many people simply overlook it. Therefore, it mostly is quiet and so are its, often ice cream licking, visitors who relax on one of the benches.

View Donau Vienna

P.S.: Whereever you study,don’t forget to treat yourself after cramming all day long! 🙂

Shoutout to iamstudent!

The original (German) article was published by iamstudent. We have translated and adapted it slightly for our blog. Make sure to check out other helpful articles from iamstudent.

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