Hamburg: Life on a Student Budget

Hamburg: Life on a Student Budget



Together with YoungCapital, we give you some insider tips on how you can live and party in Hamburg on a student budget.

Spending Time in Hamburg on a Student Budget

You are new to Hamburg and have already made some friends at the University. But maybe it’s also nice to get to know people outside of your study bubble. Everyone needs some quality time not speaking about the preparations for the next exams…right? So what can you do in your free time to meet new people?

Sport connects: Sportspaß.de

Sport is one perfect option to meet new people! You train your body by doing the sport or exercise you love and, and at the same time, you’ll meet other people with the same passion. There are endless options – you are not sure for which activity you would like to subscribe? No problem! Sportspaß.de is the biggest sport society of Hamburg. With a monthly membership fee of only 12,50 € per month you can choose between 1.450 different sport activities per week and train as often as you like. It’s a win win for your body and your student budget!

Start a Cooking Club!

You can’t cook or you are running out of ideas about what to cook except for pasta? The most obvious suggestion: Why don’t you try cooking together with your fellow tenants at THE FIZZ? But what if with the same activity you could also save some food from being wasted?

Every first Wednesday in a month, there is a cooking event in the social and cultural society “Die Motte” in Hamburg. Together with other people, you cook prepare a tasty meal by using biological ingredients which are supposed to be thrown away. At the end of the evening you’ll for sure have had nice conversations while eating the delicious food you have prepared together.

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Good Music, For Free

When you go out to party, the entrance of a cool club can already be a big burden for your student budget. What would you say if you could listen to live music which in the future will be broadcasted in the radio and you don’t pay a cent for the entrance? We are talking about the “Astra Stube”. It’s a hotspot for young but very promising bands and DJs. You can be sure, you’ll probably never come that close to these bands anymore in the future. How cool is that?

Getting from A to B

Transportation is another bigger cost factor being a student with a small budget. It doesn’t matter if you want to go home to see your family or if you want to move around in Hamburg. There are some inexpensive options we would like to show you.

Sightseeing on a Budget

Harbour Tour

Why spend money to discover Hamburg if you can use your semesterticket? Did you know that your “Semester Ticket” is valid on the ferry? We absolutely recommend you to try out the harbour ferry line 62. The picturesque route is passing by many important attractions.

Subway no. U3

Aged 100 years, the U3 is the oldest underground line of Hamburg. And it’s not only driving as under ground as you might think, but passing by all the important city attractions like St. Pauli, the harbour city and “Landungsbrücken”.


A Bike Tour with StadtRAD

Why own a bike if you can also borrow it? Yes, public transportation works well in Hamburg but you don’t see that much of the beauty of Hamburg. With StadtRAD you’ll pay a registration fee of 5 Euro once. Then you can borrow a bike from one of the many bike points in the center. The first 30 minutes are free, then you’ll pay 8 cent per minute with a max. of 12 Euro per day. Just make sure you’ll connect the bike to a station within 30 min!

On the Road with Starcar

It’s nice to study in a beautiful city like Hamburg, but still, you might want to visit family and friends at home. Now listen to this: Starcar is a car rental company which frequently needs people to transfer a car from one city to another. So it’s always worth it to check dates and route Starcar is in need of a transfer. Would be cool to travel home for free with a quite new car!

Pimp Your Student Budget with a Student Job

Hamburg has a wide range of cultural offers, good food and beautiful shopping streets to spend money. In order to enjoy the city without always checking your bank account, you might want to fill up your monthly student budget by taking on a student job. And it’s not only about earning money because you can focus on jobs which match your interest and qualifications when searching for a job.

Next to work experience, you’ll improve your skills on how to apply successfully. And finally don’t underestimate how easy you’ll gonna make new friends and helpful business contacts doing an interesting student job.

Guest article by YoungCapital

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