Your first steps as a Young Professional in Frankfurt

Your first steps as a Young Professional in Frankfurt



Exciting lifestyles and endless possibilities for young professionals in Frankfurt while living at THE FIZZ.

Mainhattan, the Gateway to Europe, or as most people know it, Frankfurt is a city filled with beautiful people, exciting lifestyles and endless possibilities for young professionals and recent graduates. It is the mentality and welcoming hearts of Frankfurt citizens that make it easier for expats and international visitors to get adjusted and start their new life here.

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Frankfurt Skyline | Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer via Pixabay

You might already be familiar with our blog about the city perks, and if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here to see what awaits you in Frankfurt. However, learning about the city is different from starting a new life in it. Be that graduating from your university, moving here to start a new chapter or embarking on your first career path, Frankfurt and THE FIZZ are ready to help you have the most seamless experience you could imagine.

Frankfurt has an exceptionally strong growth rate and is constantly attracting newcomers who have various experience and industry knowledge. The city is a growing hive that has already given space to over 43,000 companies, including big financial corporations, international companies and creative startups. The city offers positions and wonderful experiences to young professionals who are looking for jobs, be that for a temporary or permanent position. And if you have been living and studying here for some time, your university’s job board may be helpful in providing you with some of the potential career opportunities. Thus, anyone, from a student to an experienced professional can find their place in this city.

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Living and Working at THE FIZZ Frankfurt | Photo by Startup Stockphotos via Pixabay

Looking for a job in Frankfurt also comes with getting acquainted with German workstyle. And as respectful and devoted Germans are to their work, they value their free time as much. The usual workday in Germany is about 8 hours and, unless you were scrolling your Instagram feed for too long and forgot to send that email, it’s unlikely you will have to work overtime.

And what about the perks of living and working as a young FIZZie in Frankfurt? First of all, the location. Our building is located close to the city centre where the main action takes place. Bars, restaurants, grocery stores – you name it. And not to forget the language schools that are just under 20 minutes away from our location. So, if you are looking to improve your German language skills, swing by the Interactiva Sprachschule, Inlingua Frankfurt or the famous Goethe University of Frankfurt.

Starting in Frankfurt as a Young Professional while living at THE FIZZ
Fitness studio at THE FIZZ Frankfurt

Second of all, we strive to support your work-life balance. As we have mentioned, Germans value their work and rest equally. At THE FIZZ it is something that we try to help you with every day. Keeping yourself in shape, having your private space but also connecting with others and socializing are all integral parts of having a balanced life, which we try to foster for our community. You don’t have to make time to commute to the gym because it is right downstairs. If you want to have a cozy evening with your friends, invite them over to chill in the common space. Or if you just need some time on your own, you have a fully furnished room at your disposal.

At THE FIZZ, we made it our goal to make your new life as stress-free as possible by providing all the facilities that you might need when taking your first steps. Are you ready to jumpstart your career and have the best time of your young years? Check here to see how your life in Frankfurt can look like as a FIZZie!