What to do in Freiburg

What to do in Freiburg



Get to know the sunniest city in Germany where you can find all of a kind from old and new to the famous Bächle.

Freiburg is a really sweet city. I don’t say that because of the size, with over 200 thousand inhabitants, Freiburg is still a metropolis, if not a big one. Itis so sweet because of the many details that shape the image of the city. It is known to be very casual and Freiburgers enjoy the reputation of being very friendly and cheerful people – maybe that is because Freiburg also claims to be the sunniest city in Germany! (Coming from a city with quite the opposite reputation in terms of weather, I can understand why people are so happy there…). But it’s not just the weather. The most popular sights in Freiburg contribute to the image as well.

The tiny rivers “Bächle” make their way through the city and fill the streets with their calming splashes. And the “Schauinsland”, mountain is the best mountain I ever heard of! The name “Schauinsland” actually consists of the three German words “schau” “ins” and “Land” and translates to “view the landscape” – if that isn’t a perfect name for a mountain!

Foto von Niklas Jeromin: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/stadt-strasse-mann-menschen-17991697/

Living your daily life in Freiburg and enjoying the sunny vibe sounds good, but from time to time something a bit more exiting is asked for, right? So here’s what to do in Freiburg:

Another great thing about Freiburg is the contrast between old and new. Old buildings from the 16th, 15th and even 14th centuries combined with modern architecture create unique sites in the city. Just like that Freiburg has to offer cultural activities with history and innovative concepts for its modern community. Let’s respect the order of time and start with a very old sight – the oldest of its kind in Germany actually. I am talking about the “old cemetery” in Freiburg which was founded in 1683 and is no longer in use today. Instead, it became a calm park with mysterious old graves and beautiful statues to discover.

Foto von Niklas Jeromin via https://www.pexels.com/

You see Freiburg has a new and an old kind of everything, that’s why they have to put an “old” in front of all the names… it’s the same with the city halls. There is an old one, a new one and a very old one. So, a bit more bustle than at the cemetery can be found on the “alter Wiehrebahnhof”. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, a farmers market takes place at the unused train station. On a stroll between the market stalls, you can find goods from local farmers all around the city. Afterwards, you can pay a visit to the “Kommunals Kino”, a cosy, non-commercial cinema that also has its residence in the train station. That’s a charming combination.

Foto von Clem Onojeghuo: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/mann-der-vor-schussel-steht-und-nach-links-schaut-375889/

Or you can visit one of Freiburg’s oldest districts “Herdern” which was first mentioned in documents from 1008 – that can nearly be called ancient! In the centre of Herdern, the ambience of the former winegrowing village has been preserved. Old buildings nestled between the trees make you feel as if you were in a small village rather than in a metropolis. That’s a bit like a mini holiday. Located in Herdern is also Freiburg’s botanic garden which is over 400 years old and has to offer (besides flowers from around the world) projects and exhibitions about plants and bionics.

Foto von Gül Işık von Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/park-kunststoff-gewachshaus-palmen-17962466/

From Herderns village-feeling into pure nature. If you like a nice walk through the green, I can recommend the “Kaiserstuhl”. These mountains are not as popular as the “Schwarzwald” but are just a stone’s throw away from Freiburg. They are not that overrun with visitors and are full of old vineyards. Combined with the light of the setting summer sun that creates an ambiance as if it was taken from a romance novel. But someone carefully watched out that things don’t get too cheesy because its highest mountain is named “Totenkopf” which directly translates to “skull” – welcoming isn’t it? 😉

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You don’t want to visit the “skull”? That is fine. What about the “treetop path Waldkirch” then? Take a look at the “Schwarzwald” from above. On the way back down, you can grant the inner kid some fun and take their tunnel slide. But let me warn you, it might take a while since it is the longest tunnel slide in Europe. The “Baumkronenpfad Waldkirch” combines the beauty of nature with some light “adventuring”. Because in addition to the tree-top path and the slide (which is indeed quite adventurous), you can find an “adventure and barefoot trail” there. In my opinion, that sounds perfect for a field trip if your family comes to visit!

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If it is summer, so that seeing the forests or the mountains are worthwhile, you might also consider visiting the “Tanzbrunnen” (or “Mensabrunnen” which is the official name). In comparison to hiking and exploring, there you can meet people and dance! Tanzbrunnen means dancing fountain – and that is what it is! At this former fountain, dancers (and non-dancers) meet in the evening to play music and dance in the unused basin! To me, that sounds a bit like a fairy tale and adds perfectly to Freiburg’s cosy ambience – and of course, you don’t have to dance, you can just come over to enjoy the show!

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While being outside is great, sometimes the conditions aren’t perfect. Sometimes it rains, even in Freiburg. In that case, indoor activities come in quite handy. What about the “Mind Arena”? It’s a bit like an escape room but without the escaping. Gather your friends, solve riddles and play minigames, strengthen your team play or try and find out who is the smartest! But since you might want a break from your studies, riddles might be the wrong approach. What about some swimming? Not the boring kind of swimming of course. I am talking about water slides and waves in the “Erlebnisbad Titisee” or relaxing in the “Keidel Mineral Thermal Spa”.

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Most of the things to do in Freiburg are very relaxed. But beware, not all of them! The “Europapark” near the city is very popular and makes for a day full of adrenaline. But it’s not the only option. On a smaller scale the “Steinwasenpark” offers the same fun, but with a little less bustle and therefore more animals (in the quieter area of course). That makes the “Steinwasenpark” an animal park with a little kick!

All in all, you found the location for sunny weather, lovely details and a connection to nature. What else should I say then: Enjoy your day in Freiburg!

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