Hot spots around campus in Freiburg

Hot spots around campus in Freiburg



Find out nice places around the campus with good food and tasty drinks to survive university everday life.

Hello again, Freiburg!

In Freiburg, everything revolves around the university as well as the university clinic since it plays an important role in research and teaching. In this typical small university city, you will not only get a high level of education but also find plenty of recreational activities without having to spend too much money.

Let’s say…

– you didn’t have time to drink your coffee in the morning
– “I need my morning booster! Where is the nearest coffeeshop to the campus?!?”
– “I have no idea what I want to eat, I just need food!!!”
– you only have a short lunch breakin between classes – “I have no idea what I want to eat, I just need food!!!”
– or maybe want to chill with yourfriends after a long day at the uni – “It’s Fridaaaay! I really need a drinkafter this week…”

I guess all of us can relate and tick at leastone of these boxes.

Well then, let me give you a few tips, from one student to another, where to go when you need caffeine, which place to choose for lunch if you got bored with the food from Mensa, or how to survive a whole night partying without spending too much money on drinks.

Our orientation point will of course be the university, where you spend the majority of your time as a student.

But first… coffee!

The university campus is located in the very heart of the town. Only three minutes away walking from the main building, you will find a great coffee spot, the Kolben Kaffee. This just now renovated cafe, which is known for its long coffee tradition and delicacies served fresh everyday, is located right next to Martin’s Gate, one of the main symbols of Freiburg. Just around the corner from your faculty you are going to get adelicious coffee, something sweet “to go” as well as an amazing view, all in one.

A cozy courtyard in Freiburg with rows of coffee tables where people are sitting.
A peaceful corner with the Kolben Kaffee and Martkhalle | image credit

Now that you are really woken up, you can start your day at the uni with great energy. But when it’s getting close to lunch time, you find yourself not being able to focus on the subject anymore. Let’s be honest: the only thing you can think about is what you are going to have for lunch! A place to try something new could be for example the Markthalle located only 350 metres away from the university. What you will find there is a variety of different cuisines, from Italian, through Persian to Chinese restaurants in one place! If you cannot decide on one dish…, just grab a snack from each of the stands! It’s worth it, believe me. 🙂

A woman is handing a meal over the top of a display with dips, sauces, fresh and smoked fish and other food.
Some dishes and snacks you can try at the Markthalle | image credit

When the lunch break is over, you continue with your daily schedule. After several hours of lectures, you will feel like you need a break, especially when it’s Friday afternoon! A great spot to chilland hang out with friends in the evening is Schlappen on Löwenstraße 2. They offer a wide range of drinks as well as diverse dishes to enjoy with your beverage. It’s good for meeting new people, not too expensive and three minutes away from the main university building!

What is left to say at this point of our quick check-up for places around the campus with good food and tasty drinks is: well done, you survived another long day at university! All you need now is a long shower, a hot tea and a good night’s sleep in a very comfortable bed without anyone disturbing you. As a Fizzie myself, I am going to give you a tip, the last one for today. There is no better place to recharge your batteries than at THE FIZZ. Be one of the lucky ones who are going to get a student apartment at the newest THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte!

Single apartment at THE FIZZ Freiburg with a bed in the front, a coffee table and two chairs and a workplace with bureau chair in the back.
THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte – Single Studio (Size M)
Kitchenette at THE FIZZ Freiburg with microwave, stove, and fridge.
THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte – Single Studio (Size M)
The community lobby at THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte with cozy sitting area and a stylish bookshelf.
People standing at the kitchen bar of the community kitchen at THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte.

Finally at home!

And what awaits you there? Except for your fully furnished apartment, where you can chill on your own, THE FIZZ gives you a great opportunity to bond with others living at your house and create an amazing community! Come by the lobby and get to know not only your House Manager but also the Study Helpers working at the Reception. They are the ones who always get your back. Just come up and ask away!

Except for the lobby with the reception, you have to checkout the lounge with sofas and movie area! It is one of the best hang out places at THE FIZZ Freiburg Mitte! Another one is the community kitchen, where we all cook, bake, eat and laugh together. Here, you can treat your friends to your cooking skills where as at the Gaming Room you shouldn’t hesitate to show off your capabilities in the virtual world. Apart from having lots of fun with other Fizzies in the Community areas, you will also need a quiet place to prepare for your exams at university. No worries, THE FIZZ has got you covered here as well! The study room is one of the most popular rooms in the house, especially around the exam phase. So, come downstairs and join us! Bring your books and laptop with you and let’s motivate each other to give our best! There is strength in numbers, right?

‍By Zuzanna Łopaciuk