THE FIZZ meets weXelerate

THE FIZZ meets weXelerate


THE FIZZ meets weXelerate! We are the official housing partner of the Startup and Innovation Hub :-)

Attention: THE FIZZ Xelerates!

Did you know? Have you already heard? weXelerate and THE FIZZ? THE FIZZ meets weXelerate? One of Austria’s biggest startup hubs? No?

Well, then let’s make it official:


THE FIZZ Vienna is proud to be the official housing partner of weXelerate, an Austrian innovation and startup hub. Every year weX connects 100 promising, upstriving startups with experienced companies and business angles. They also support them in terms of infrastructure, industry 4.0, banking and so much more.

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party started: 1st Startup Batch

Starting from 25 September 2017 the startups from „round 1“ have travelled to Vienna to present and pitch there innovations. They met their corporate partners and started working with them. Of course, this was an occasion to celebrate – to be specific, yesterday (27 September 2017) at Boulangerie. Of course, we could not skip this party!!

And we do not want you to  miss out on the highlights of this evening:

Photo Wall
The location itself was a true inspiration. We definitely need a picture wall like this at THE FIZZ Vienna!
Glowing Text
Little hint: The location actually is a club 😛 But this didn’t stop Katharina and Enis from networking!
Treat Yourself
. Living one month for free definitely is something to treat yourself to 🙂 and we didn’t miss out on telling all the startups about our Special Offer

Show must go on!

On Friday, we are on for the next event: weXelerate invites all startups and partners to their homebase: the weXelerate SPACES. Among unders, we will have the chance to get a frist glimpse oft he new home of weXelerate. We are thrilled!