Starting your career in Hamburg?

Starting your career in Hamburg?



Hamburg offers countless job opportunities for young professionals. Intrigued? Keep it reading!

Sounds like a plan!

Many startups and big companies strive in Hamburg. This city is known for various areas of development, such as shipbuilding, aerospace, medical technology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, services and media. With over 10,000 companies expanded and founded every year, the city gives endless opportunities for young professionals to prosper. Just around THE FIZZ area alone you can find offices of such companies as Google and Beiersdorf, that are only 15 minutes away by public transport or 10 minutes away if you are coming by bike.

In Germany, Hamburg’s citizens are known for being open-minded, tolerant and welcoming, which makes it easier for any foreigners to settle here, no matter if you are new to the city or have been studying here before. Of course, as with any country, there is a slightly higher chance of getting hired if one speaks German, however the opportunities are not limited to only to German-speaking citizens. Vice versa, the more diverse and skilled you are, the better! However, if you are still interested in leveling up your German, schools like Sprachschule Aktiv Hamburg (only 12 minutes away by bike) offer their classes near THE FIZZ!

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And if you are still asking yourself if starting your life in such a busy city is worth it, we have an answer. THE FIZZ Hamburg is here to help you get through all your first difficulties of starting a new chapter in your life. When you move into your new room, you are all set to start your new schedule – no need to worry about getting the new furniture and utilities, you have it all immediately at your disposal! House Management is there for you if you need any help with fixing something at your apartment or getting a package while you are at work. And not to forget the fun part! With a busy city like Hamburg, everyone needs some downtime to unwind. Apart from chilling in your own room after a long day, you can boost your energy at our private gym, play some FIFA with your friends on our gaming consoles in the common area or, if the weather is kind enough, enjoy a BBQ evening with friends. Staying at THE FIZZ is more than just having a roof over your head, it is about the unforgettable experience and friendly community around you – things you will remember for life. So are you ready to become a FIZZie?

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