Meet Philipp: House Manager at THE FIZZ Hamburg Altona

Meet Philipp: House Manager at THE FIZZ Hamburg Altona



Meet the eloquent triathlete Philipp, who soon will be greeting you as House Manager in our newest house in Hamburg personally!

Let us introduce our newest House Manager at the newest THE FIZZ

Hi Philipp! First of all, could you explain what a House Manager is?

Philipp: Well, the “formal“ answer would be: It’s a person who looks after everything regarding the house and its tenants. They are organising processes, facility management, tenant enquiries, and are guiding the co-workers. They’re also responsible for building and maintaining a thriving community.

In short: We are the “general dogsboy” of the house 😊

Philipp Burmester, General House Manager at THE FIZZ Hamburg

Sounds like a lot to handle.

It is! That’s why I’m really excited and motivated. It’s a thrilling challenge, especially since the building is so huge! We are talking about 777 apartments and two products: THE FIZZ student apartments and a completely new brand, HVNS furnished apartments for professionals. Fortunately, I won’t be alone: There will be three more Assistant House Managers, each responsible for one area.

What are your tasks as a House Manager?

Since I am completely new to this job, I’ll have to figure that out myself! But I know it will be a lot of administrative work: I will be guiding the assistants with the move ins and move outs as well as taking over the organisation in the back office. I am the contact person for all service providers and the facility management. Plus, I will be working on establishing local cooperations.

What did you do before THE FIZZ?

I am a trained hotel specialist and have worked my way through the Hamburg hotel industry. I’ve been with the big four to five star design hotels, the Radisson near Dammtor, Gastwerk or SIDE Hotel. There, I was trained in the event and conference sector. I’ve also workedat a big event agency called Nordevent for some time.

Sounds interesting! Do you have hobbies, as well?

I’ve been a triathlete for three years. Therefore, I spend a lot of time in the fresh air, on the bike or throw myself into the next lake. I train at the Kaifu Tri-Team e.V. (the very best triathlon club in Hamburg!) and have my own personal trainer. In 2019, I had my first triathlon and a total of five starts throughout the year. My goal for this year is a “middle distance” in August, which means half an Ironman: 1,9 km swimming, 90 km biking and a 21 km half marathon.

It really is more of a life style rather than a hobby. If you want to do it right, you have to invest time, effort and money… lots and lots of money! For example, I want to buy a special racing bike which costs roughly as much as a small car.

I really could go on and on, but I try to keep myself short here, otherwise I get into raptures 😉

House Manager Philipp (THE FIZZ Hamburg) while triathlon

We don’t want that, of course 😉 Is there anything that makes you weak?

Good food! I am ALWAYS hungry. I love eating out with friends. There are some really nice restaurants in the area.

Any recommendations?

For example a Turkish restaurant at Sternschanze named LOKMAM. However, you’ll need a reservation, it is always full!

How can future tenants reach you?

Aside from email and telephone, I will be around in the house a lot, just approach me! You’ll recognize me by my full beard.

Thank you for the interview, Philipp!

Pleasure. See you soon at THE FIZZ Hamburg!

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