Munich Joins THE FIZZ Community!

Munich Joins THE FIZZ Community!



A total of 234 fully furnished apartments in the state capital of Bavaria are waiting to be filled with life. Check out our travel tips and book your future home right away!

Our newest House in Germany

Aachen, Berlin, Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Freiburg Zähringen, Hamburg and Hanover welcome a new THE FIZZ member in Southern Germany: Munich!

The City facts

As the third-largest city in Germany, Munich is a global centre of art, culture, education, business and tourism. But let’s be real – if I asked you to name three associations you have with the city, you would probably say: FC Bayern Munich, pretzel and Oktoberfest, well, maybe in a different order… 🙂 We all know Munich for its professional football team, bavarian bread-based snack culture and of course the annual beer celebration.

But did you know that it was determined the third most livable city in the world?!?

I don’t think it can get any better! So, let’s stop talking about facts and see for ourselves, which places we have to visit during our time off from studying.

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Location… Location… Location…

THE FIZZ Munich is located in one of the most exclusive boroughs in the city, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. Within 15 minutes by bike heading west from your student accommodation, you will get to a summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria, the Nymphenburg Palace. Take a long stroll in the gardens, enjoy the sun laying by the Badenburger See and don’t forget to hop on a gondola for a proper royal experience. Less than 5 kilometres away facing north-east you will discover a major recreational centre, the Olympic Park Munich. Admiring the views from the 290-metre-high television tower -the Olympic Tower – you definitely won’t miss the nearby BMW Headquarters. If you like to “experience new visions for tomorrow and the future of mobility”, then you have to visit the BMW Welt, an exhibition, delivery and adventure museum.

Next stop

From there, you are only 20 minutes away from the English Garden, the largest city park in Germany. Riding along the Isar river heading towards Munich’s Old Town, you will pass by several beer gardens, but don’t take a break just yet! Keep pedalling until you see a Chinese looking pagoda-like tower. Here, at the Chinese Tower self-service beer garden, you will encounter a lot of fellow students from the close University of Munich, enjoying their cold beer and free internet access. So, relax in the shadow beneath the chestnut trees, make some new friends and ask around about their favourite places in the city. Since you are all chilling at the English Garden, they will probably mention the Eisbachwelle, the world’s most famous spot for river surfing. Crowds of people gather there to watch experienced surfers showing their amazing skills. Let’s join them for a while and then move on to our last stop on the tour.

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Last stop…

Within about 10 minutes by bike you will get to Munich’s university, museum aaaand hip nightlife district called Maxvorstadt. It is a really popular hangout area for students and guess what?!? It is only 10 minutes away from THE FIZZ! Is it just me, or do you also want to move in right away?

Meeting people

Making new friends and building connections in a new city can always be challenging! While the Fizz already offers you great opportunities to connect and build relationships with all the other people in your house, you might also be interested in making friends outside of your building. A great way for this is to start a new hobby or start a side job! In many companies you will be provided with various new people that are open to get to know you and show you around their favourite parts of the city. On Websites like YoungCapital or StudentJob you have a broad selection of jobs. You can find a job based on your personal attributes: you can select what kid of study you, what languages you speak or how many hours you want to work. Based on these criterias you should be able to fit a job that fits your current lifestyle.

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Getting to know Munich better means that our list with associations is beginning to expand. We have started with only three words: FC Bayern Munich, pretzel and Oktoberfest. After taking this short city tour we can add some must-visit attractions to the list, like the Nymphenburg Palace, the Olympic Tower, the English Garden or the Maxvorstadt district.

What if we focused on our personal associations with the city? Let’s think of a place that makes Munich feel like home, where we can peacfully enjoy the silence or join in for a party, where we can make friends from all around the world and create unforgettable memories. All of it in one place. Easy, it’s THE FIZZ Munich. So, are you ready to turn on your FIZZ? Visit our homepage and book an apartment to join the next-gen student living.

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