Lifehacks: “Metal Box” Edition

Lifehacks: “Metal Box” Edition



Microwaves are there to ease our life and make cooking quicker. But there is a question though: Are we using them properly?

The Secrets of the “Metal Box”   

Before we get into the hacks and tips, let me clarify what we are dealing with. I am talking about your best roommate, your helper in need – your microwave! Also, we need to address the following couple of concerns most of the people have:  

  1. Does the microwave do any harm to my health?
  2. Does the microwave destroy the nutrients in my food?
  3. Does the use of plastic containers in the microwave dangerous?    

Modern microwaves are as harmful to your health as listening to your radio. It’s impossible to make your food radioactive while microwaving it. In fact, in some ways, microwaves are a healthier cooking tool than some others are. For example, the best way to preserve Vitamin C in your food is to cook it fast, which is the case when using the microwave. In general, heat breaks down some nutrients in our food, weather we cooked it in a microwave or with a regular oven.  

Furthermore, some studies shows that using plastic containers in the microwave does release some chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates but not in an amount that would harm our body. However, let’s play it safe and just use ceramic or glass utensils!

Okay, we’ve let these couple of myths behind us. So, let’s dive into some of useful tips and hacks…

TIPS: How to Optimize Your Food

Microwave Treasures: My Favorite Recipes

Now let’s get serious, after doing some research and using my microwave for 4 years, I find these recipes the quickest AND most delicious:  

Mac & Cheese

Microwave Mac & Cheese
simple, quick and easy drunk food

Mug Omelet  

Microwave Mug Omelet
quickest breakfast a student can have

Baked Potato (my Favorite)

Microwave Baked Potato
add it as a side dish to whatever you like

Veggie Rice  

Microwave Veggie Rice
just love how simple this is

Steamed Broccoli (best example for a healthy microwave cooking)  

Microwave Steamed Broccoli
no excuse for not eating heatlhy

Some Snacks Hacks  


Microwave Nachos
small tip though, choose your Netflix Movie before you prepare this snack

Pop Corn!

Microwave Popcorn
the most convenient, economical way to have popcorn

For The Sweet Tooth

Mug Cake  

Microwave Mug Cake
cheat day meal

Chocolate Lava Cake

Microwave Chocolate Lava Cake
this one here is amazing for some Insta stories homemade gourmet food

The application of microwave doesn’t end here. The internet is filled with recipes and tips!

Wether we are in hurry or just lazy, the microwave is there for that. Additional advantage also, there will be not much dished afterward to wash.

For detailed information on microwave and how could effect our health here is a couple of articles:

Live long and prosper ✌

All pictures were made by our FIZZIE Shadi Mahayni.
All photo rights by International Campus GmbH