Meet Paniz from THE FIZZ Darmstadt

Meet Paniz from THE FIZZ Darmstadt



To capture what it's like living at THE FIZZ Darmstadt, our FIZZie Paniz tells us about her student life and experiences with us.

Darmstadt is a city filled with young ideas, future-oriented motivations and a lot of joy. The highlight of our THE FIZZ House in Darmstadt is trying to capture that feeling – but more on that later 😉 THE FIZZ Darmstadt can be found directly on the campus premises, so right in the middle of events! Besides the apartments, THE FIZZ invites you to grill and chill in the yard, to relax in the movie lounge or concentrate in the study areas.

Hi, my name is Paniz Sakinejad, I am studying master’s in data and discourse studies at TU Darmstadt. I am 29 years old, and I come from Iran. My interests other than studying are to create short videos of events and share them on social media. Fun fact about me, I can be friends with people of any age, it doesn’t matter how old they are, I can act like I am their age and build a great relationship.

I like that fun fact, we can learn so much from people of different ages than ours. Let’s stick with that topic: What is your best tip to get to know your neighbours?

I like it when we gather at cooking events and people bring their traditional food, that’s how you get to know people from around the world inside THE FIZZ. You can always hear interesting stories about them, their families, the food, and the country they come from.

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That’s a great use of the community kitchens! But these are not the only events in Darmstadt. What was your favourite THE FIZZ event so far?

I do love THE FIZZ events in general, you will always find my room number in the list of every event, I register the second I see it. Although my favourite THE FIZZ event so far is without a doubt the Halloween party, it was perfectly designed and all the staff looked like zombies there was perfect music, drinks, food, and entertainment like a photo booth, and everyone enjoyed it.

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Sounds like the House Managers did a good job! What about yours in Darmstadt in general, what are their best qualities?

I would say the best of many good qualities I found in the managers of THE FIZZ Darmstadt is that they are very understanding, and they help you in any way they can. I personally enjoy being around them, no matter where I am going, and how much time I have, when I’m crossing by the reception, if I see them there, I will always have a small talk with them and I enjoy this friendship very much. They do their best to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere in THE FIZZ. I am blessed to have such people in my life right where I live.

Meet Paniz from THE FIZZ Darmstadt house manager gerhard henning

I’m glad to read that, but I’m sure Gerhard is even happier about it! 🙂 Onto the next question: Is there a specific reason why you chose THE FIZZ?

For me, having a modern flat, a safe place with a good location was a must. I didn’t search for a long time, I saw THE FIZZ in pictures and live videos on Instagram and I knew I wanted to live here.

Hopefully, you can see some of that location from your apartment. If you’re looking out your window, what is a thing that you like seeing?

I love seeing the backyard of THE FIZZ from my window. I can see how children play in the playground on my right side and FIZZies chilling in the backyard on the left side (most of them are my friends, so I just open the window and chat with them) let’s not forget the beautiful pink sky on summer evenings always full of planes… it is beautiful.

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For many FIZZies, their apartment is one of their favourite spots in THE FIZZ, and it sounds like your apartment is really nice too, especially with that view. But what would you say, is your favourite place at THE FIZZ and why?

I find the rooftop of THE FIZZ Darmstadt a beautiful place to chill, study, think, and relax… it has a stunning view. I even watched a movie on my laptop up there laying on a chair on one of the summer nights till sunrise. One of my best experiences indeed.

Oh, this is indeed a good answer to that question! The rooftop terrace is the highlight of THE FIZZ Darmstadt. The view can capture so much of the city’s atmosphere.

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Thank you so much for your answers, Paniz, it was great reading from you. For the ending, I have one last question: What is a life lesson that you have learned in your time in THE FIZZ?

I am the only child in my family, so I never had the experience of being around people that much therefore I used to be an introvert, but with the help of Fizz, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and communicate with people more easily. What I learned in Fizz is that you can never have enough people around you. And the fact that some friends can be more than family you just need to be in the right place at the right time which in my case it was definitely THE FIZZ ❤️

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