Marie’s student life in Prague

Marie’s student life in Prague


Read through the interview with Marie and get to know how her first weeks at THE FIZZ Prague have been.

Marie is one of our latest FIZZies at THE FIZZ in Prague and will be studying in the city for half a year. Living alone, in a foreign city, in a foreign country can be tough. After four weeks she has settled in very well and tells us how she experienced the first few weeks.

Why are you in Prague and how do you like it here?

Marie: To be honest, Prague wasn’t on my radar at all. I planned to study two semesters abroad in Scandinavia. But when that didn’t work out for various reasons, I was very happy to receive an Erasmus grant for Prague. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been incredibly happy that I’ve been able to live and study in Prague for six months.

The city is super beautiful. Walking along the Vltava River in the evening and seeing the lights of the city or taking the tram through the beautiful old town during the day has a very special magic. It makes me happy every time and I can hardly believe that I actually live here right now. Another plus: the often much lower prices compared to Munich.

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What is it like living at THE FIZZ?

Marie: I live here in a single studio where I have my own little kitchen corner and my own bathroom. The apartment is fully furnished. All I had to do was bring the room to life with my own things and make it my personal home.

After Christmas, mum and I started collecting and buying everything I would need for my apartment. It was so much fun putting together my own little household. It’s a good thing that the furniture was already there, because there’s quite a lot that you need for everyday life. But there are also starter packages from THE FIZZ that you can buy if you come from further afield. There are also many residents from South America or China who cannot travel by car.

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On the first weekend in February, my parents and I drove to Prague. The trunk and half the back seat were really packed to the ceiling. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by Jan, one of the house managers, we were allowed to drive into the garage and were able to unload everything comfortably. Then there was my “move-in” appointment, which I could easily book myself using THE FIZZ calendar. I was greeted by all the new residents and shown through the house and given important information about life at THE FIZZ. In the evening we have everything nicely furnished and made comfortable. I really like having my own little kingdom here and I feel very comfortable.

How have your first weeks at THE FIZZ been?

Marie: Exciting. On the day we moved-in, I happened to meet my neighbour who was also new. Through him I quickly got to know my neighbour on the other side of my apartment. It was very pleasant, especially at the beginning, to know people directly with whom I could exchange ideas.

Every day I did something new. Through Erasmus events, I very quickly met more people from all sorts of countries and made friends with some of them.

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Unfortunately, I was ill again and again for the first few weeks, which is why I was able to extensively test the delivery options for groceries and food. There is almost always at least one supplier in front of THE FIZZ who delivers something to someone. But you can also cook sociable together in the communal kitchen.

In my favourite café around the corner, the two employees now know exactly what I always order: Černý čaj (which means black tea in Czech) and a cinnamon bun. When I walk past them to the tram or subway, they always wave at me through the large window panes.

How does everyday life work at THE FIZZ?

Marie: The first time I wanted to clean, I could borrow a vacuum cleaner from the house manager at the reception. It’s very practical that you can borrow the wipes in the house.

We also have a huge laundry room with washing machines, dryers and drying racks. Before washing for the first time, I was actually quite self-confident, after all I do it at home too. It’s just stupid that the programmes aren’t the same as the washing machine at home. So, I decided to call mum again.

On Valentine’s Day there was a candy buffet down at the entrance, where we were allowed to help ourselves. I really liked that.

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After three weeks there was already the first party. It was a great opportunity to get in touch with more people from the house. The motto was Caribbean and there was a lot on offer. There were free drinks, it was colourfully decorated, a DJ hung up and played the trumpet, there was a photo box and a group of drummers performed with two Brazilian dancers.

Two weeks ago, I discovered the roof terrace on the sixth floor. It’s super comfortable to sit there in the sun and just listen to music or read.

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Marie's student life in Prague Prague
a group of people sitting around a desk outside and enjoying their time together

I now feel completely at home here. THE FIZZ house management is so helpful and kind. Before moving to Prague, I did an intensive Czech course and now if I just say my apartment number in Czech, they are so happy.

When I first got a package, I was fascinated by how well organized it was. I got an email from reception that I could pick up a package from them downstairs. This has happened twice already. Now they always ask me to come and pick up a package again when I’m at their reception for something else.

Why do you like living at THE FIZZ?

Marie: When I got the confirmation for an apartment at THE FIZZ, I was really happy. I knew that the government dormitories are in a very bad state. I heard from other students how they wanted to move out of these dormitories as quickly as possible. That’s why I’m all the happier that I have such a beautiful home at THE FIZZ.

A big plus here are of course the community areas. In the evenings in particular, it’s just super nice to have the opportunity to invite a few friends over or to watch films or series on the big screen with other roommates, simply sit on the sofa or play table football. There is also a totally professionally equipped music room and a cinema room.

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On evenings when I come home late, I always find it very pleasant to be greeted by security. So, I don’t have to worry about someone following me. The location of THE FIZZ in the Holešovice district of Prague is simply great. I always have different tram and bus lines to choose from that run all night. There are also shops nearby and the university and the old town of Prague are not far away.

The Vltava flows right around the corner, and you can take wonderful walks along its banks. There is a huge park with a lake just a ten-minute walk away, which I also like to go for a walk or jog in. I think everything will be even nicer in the summer, but I’m already excited.

Conclusion of the parents

If the child is fine, we are fine. It doesn’t matter whether the child goes to kindergarten or moves to a dormitory in another country to study. At any age, we want the best for our children.

THE FIZZ offers Marie a secure home base among like-minded people with a variety of opportunities to get to know each other, hang out, cook, party, learn and master everyday life, like washing and cleaning like a profane.

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The dormitory is guarded around the clock. Only the residents have access to the house with a special chip. Visitors can enter via an intercom. A security service is on duty at night and on weekends. In addition, all public areas are under video surveillance and the community areas are equipped with locking systems.

We are very happy that Marie is so nicely accommodated in Prague and has settled in so quickly. That made it all the easier for us to let go.

Thank you, dear Marie, for the exciting insights into your life in Prague and at THE FIZZ! Have fun and all the best for the coming months!

This article was written in cooperation with Marie’s mum – Dorothea Schauer, Blogger at living.elements. All photo rights belong to Dorothea Schauer.