Meet Lucie: House Manager at THE FIZZ Prague Holešovice

Meet Lucie: House Manager at THE FIZZ Prague Holešovice



Say hello to Lucie, the new House Mana­ger and the first staff mem­ber to be hired in the Czech Repub­lic! She truly is the “human corner­stone” of THE FIZZ Prague.

Welcome to THE FIZZ, Lucie!

As long as she can remember, the hotel business has always been Lucie’s dream job. However, after finishing her studies, she first set off to Australia to explore Aussie life. Actually, she only planned to stay there for a year. But love made her stay for a whole three years. Well, life happens while you make plans!

Nonetheless, Lucie never forgot her true passion. As soon as she returned to the Czech Republic, she started working for different renowned hotels and international chains such as NH Hotels, Moevenpick or the Hilton.

“I told all my friends: I’m gonna be a hotel manager!”

Lo and behold, she became the director of a private hotel chain in a town in the north of the Czech Republic.

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Goal achieved?

After accomplishing all her (professional) goals, it was time for something completely different. Right about then, THE FIZZ stepped onto the scene. Working with young people from all over the world sounded perfect to far-travelled Lucie, who is fluent in four languages (Czech, German, English, and French) and has experience in throwing parties for almost 800 people!

When asked about her hobbies, she gives herself humbly:

“I do a little bit of sport. Like, only three times a week.”

It almost seems as if sportiness is a must-have for our House Managers… Lucie has also worked as a ski and Zumba teacher – assets that’ll come in handy in her new job for sure!

To all the foreign students who are about to move to the “City of the hundred towers”, she has one crucial tip: “Ditch the bike – the streets are covered in cobblestones – and walk! You can easily get around by foot or the public transport.

Together with her colleagues, Lucie is looking forward to welcoming the first tenants of THE FIZZ Prague. During our last visit, we’ve got a first glimpse of the newly formed team:

House Management team at THE FIZZ Prague
From left to right: Martin (Assistant House Manager), Petra (Front Desk Agent), Dana (Assistant House Manager), Josef (House Technician), Lucie (House Manager)

See you soon!

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