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Be a
long-term FIZZie!

From enrolment to graduation

Long-term tenancy

Book your apartment now and secure it for the complete duration of your studies. This way you won’t have to worry about moving houses, rising rent prices, and time consuming apartment hunting. Simply book online for 36-months, move in and focus on what matters to you. Meet your new neighbors and be a part of an inspiring community.

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A group of young people are sitting at a wooden table outside, absorbed in their conversation. The camera looks at them from behind, so most of them have their backs turned to it. Out of focus in the foreground and around the group are green leaves.
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Your Benefits

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One home for your studies

From enrolment to graduation: Secure your room and keep it until the end of your studies
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Transparent expenses

You know your price upfront: No increase in rent (except covering inflation rate by an annual fixed indexation of 3%)
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Put your mind at ease

Avoid all organizational hassle like rebookings or moving apartments