Live your best Life in Darmstadt

Live your best Life in Darmstadt



Live your best life in Darmstadt: discover all interesting landmarks and move into THE FIZZ!!!

Open Google Maps…

and take a look at Germany. A couple of big cities stand out, written in large and bold font, screaming to be noticed. Don’t mind them, zoom in on Frankfurt am Main. As you enlarge, more and more cities and towns show up and draw your attention. Focus on the one located about 35 kilometres south of Frankfurt. In the very heart of the Rhine-Main region, lies a city modest in size, but with a multifaceted appeal. It offers everything that students from all over the world could wish for: a renowned university, international flair, a lively restaurant and bar scene as well as exclusive student housing.

The city you have been searching for is Darmstadt.

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Photo by Lapping via Pixabay

What to see in Darmstadt?

Over 100 years ago Ernst Ludwig, the Grand Duke of Hesse, had the idea of attracting artists to build a colony in Darmstadt to breathe new life into the city’s culture and commerce. The houses, studios and monuments of the colony were designed by the leading members of Germany’s Jugendstil movement. Today, the Mathildenhöhe is one of the most celebrated examples of Art Nouveau style in the country as it offers testimony to early modern architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The serial property is littered with amazing architectural elements such as the Wedding Tower, the Russian Chapel of St. Maria Magdalena or the Exhibition Hall. You can download a map of the area with all of its wonders right here.

Another pride of Darmstadt is a building complex Waldspirale which lies in the northern part of the city. It is an example of the revolutionary and colourful architecture of a famous Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This unique construction symbolizes a complex connection between humanity and nature. Its name “Waldspirale” refers not only to the general plan of the building but also to its green roof planted with a grove of lime, beech and maple trees. This twelve-storyed residential complex is distinguished by spiralling bands of texture, curved edges and unusual window design. The windows are so random that not two on the entire tower are the same. To really admire the uniqueness of Waldspirale, you should see it by yourself.

Where to de-stress?

Darmstadt’s biggest and oldest park is the first go-to place to escape everyday life. Herrngarten dates back to the 1500s when three smaller parks were combined into one. In the late 17th century it was redesigned in the English style and 45 years later opened to the public. Nowadays Herrngarten is a favourite spot for students to hang out, have a picnic, barbecue or simply chill in the shade of trees. Just outside the city boundaries, there is another place that brings Darmstadt’s residents closer to nature. Park Rosenhöhe is an enchanting garden with a pleasant walking area and lots of blooming flowers of mesmerizing beauty.

This gorgeous oasis is a peaceful place to relax, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the warm rays of the sun. When you are there, take a stroll and look for the striking Lion’s Gate, a picturesque teahouse with a golden roof, the Spanish Tower or the Herb Garden. Immerse yourself in the beauty of tranquil surroundings.

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Waldspirale is the last and one of the most celebrated works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser who designed a series of unique buildings across Germany and Austria | Photo by Nick Archive via Pixabay

Where to go out with friends?

A popular meeting point for students in Darmstadt is the Schlossgarten. This charming beer garden in the heart of the city invites you to enjoy a drink in the shade of trees or while watching the sunset. Later in the evening, you can visit the Schlosskeller which hosts all kinds of reasonably priced cultural events, concerts and parties. After a blasting night out have an “all you can eat” breakfast at Café Extrablatt located at the Marktplatz 11.

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… or taking pictures among those beautiful flowerbeds | Photo by Lapping via Photo credit

Where to live in Darmstadt?

The answer to this question is quite obvious: at THE FIZZ Darmstadt! You won’t find better accommodation than a modern residence facility with 342 modern and fully furnished apartments waiting to be filled with new students. Your future home is located directly opposite the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and less than two kilometres away from Technical University Darmstadt. Except for a favourable location, every resident has a variety of common areas at their disposal. Set up concentrated sessions in one of two study rooms, enjoy films in large format in the Movie Lounge, sunbath on the 4th floor rooftop terrace or grill and relax with friends in the courtyard. Experience all-inclusive living. Become a part of a unique community that grows and changes each semester.

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Chill downstairs in community rooms with other FIZZies from all over the world.