How your surroundings affect your concentration

How your surroundings affect your concentration



Learn how the choice of your study place influences your concentration and how to find the perfect surrounding.

The correct choice of a study place has a great influence on your concentration and overall study performance. That is why it is very important to make the right decisions when it comes to creating your personal work space.

In the following article, I have broken down five parameters to consider when it comes to finding the right surrounding for your personal study time.

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1. Noise

While some people prefer to study in complete silence, others might enjoy having a little background music playing while they are studying. Research has shown that background music can have a positive effect on one’s creativity and help to relax while studying.

While the choice of no or a little background music while studying comes down to personal preference, research shows that too much noise will act as a distraction and will decrease your ability to focus.

If you notice that the background music is distracting you more than it is helping you, you should search for a calm place, that will benefit you in your study routine.

Tip: Be sure to turn off notifications on your different devices! These will most likely act as a distraction during your study time.

2. Clutter

“A cluttered place creates a cluttered mind.” Research has found that a messy study place can have a negative effect on your learning ability. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your study place is clear and tidy.

Having a clean study place is a great motivational tip and can help you focus on what is truly important.

Tip: Take some time before you start to study and make sure that your study place is ready for a study session! Get rid of objects that are unnecessary in order to make your study place look clean and clear.

3. Lighting and Fresh Air

Correct lighting can function as a natural mood booster. By positioning your desk the right way and choosing study areas with natural light, you can profit from the positive effects that reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

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Fresh air will make sure that your body gets enough oxygen for the mental effort it is putting into studying. You could even make use of a sunny day and try outdoor studying.

Tip: Make sure to frequently ventilate your room to prevent headaches and maintain your level of concentration.

4. Study Buddies

The people you surround yourself with while studying can decide how successful your study session will be. That is why you should choose wisely. While some may be most productive when studying alone, others can benefit from study groups, in which you get to help out each other.

Another possibility would be to switch things up. You can spend some time studying alone and afterwards make an appointment with some fellow students to go over questions that came up during your study time.

Another option would be to consider a tutor, who could help you work on problems you were not able to solve by yourself.

Tip: Be careful not to turn a group study session into a catch-up with friends. Avoiding too chatty people when it comes to forming a study group can help to maintain a focused and productive environment.

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5. Comfort

No matter where you choose to study, comfort should always be the first thing to consider. A comfortable surrounding will help you stay focused longer and improve your motivation. The appropriate choice of seating is another essential aspect to improve posture and reduce negative effects of a poor sitting position.

Therefore, creating a comfortable surrounding should be the number one priority to help you absorb more information and make use of other related benefits.

Tip: Don’t forget that if you are feeling uncomfortable, you are also more likely to get distracted, which will overall lead to a decrease in your study performance.

Some last words…

A fitting surrounding can have many positive effects on your study performance. By following some basic rules, you can create your personal safe place.

Taking into consideration the different parameters that were named in this article, you will be able to create a study place that matches your personal needs and that will bring out your best performance.

This article was written by our guest author Patrick Nadler from Tutor Space.

All photo rights by International Campus GmbH.