How to make Friends in a new City

How to make Friends in a new City



To make your start little easier, here are five tips for making friends in a new city!

Where to meet new people?

1. The university

The university is the best place to make new friends. You should definitely use the introductory week to get to know as many fellow students as possible and to network. Don’t worry, the others are just as excited as you are and everyone is looking for new friends at the beginning of their studies. So be friendly and open and the rest will happen by itself. Some of the friends you meet during the introductory week will probably accompany you throughout your studies. University sports or other group activities organised by the university are perfect for getting to know students from other degree programmes.

2. Your student home

If you decide to move into a student accommodation, you’ll have great opportunities to get to know lots of new people quickly. Your fellow tenants may come from far away and are just as interested in making new acquaintances. Here you have the unique opportunity to create a network that spans almost the entire world and which can help you in the future!

A girl and a boy standing at a kitchen counter. The boy is attentively chopping vegetables, while the girl jockingly places a noodle onto his head.
A girl and a boy are lying in a red hammock, facing each other. They both wear jeans.

3. Facebook

Many cities have special Facebook groups that newcomers can join to meet new people and do things together. Of course you should be careful what you disclose to strangers, but as long as you are careful and meet your new friends in public places, Facebook can be a great way to find like-minded people.

PS: The Closed Community of your THE FIZZ is a good start anyway 😉

4. A new job

When you start a student job in your university town, you automatically meet a lot of new people who you might never have met at university. Especially jobs in cafes or restaurants are perfect for making new contacts. Both to your colleagues and to customers. In addition, many companies have regular team events where you can do something with your colleagues. This can also be helpful in building up your social contacts in a new city.

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5. Sports in a club

Becoming a member of a sports club is a great way to make new friends who have similar interests to yours. By doing sports together, you can get to know each other easily and often you are directly on the same wavelength. There are also fixed dates when you see each other, so you don’t have to be so eager to suggest a meeting to someone else.

How to make Friends in a new City friends biking
A girl and a boy are high-fiving while doing a sit-up. They both wear sport clothes. The girl sits with her back to the camera, while the boy is facing towards the camera, looking at her, smiling.

We hope that our tips will make your start in the new city a little easier and that you will quickly find your way around!

This article was first published in the YoungCapital blog.

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