How to arrive in Prague

How to arrive in Prague



With these simple tips, you will be able to fully enjoy all the beautiful and unique aspects of Prague, also known as “The center of Europe”.

Ahoj Praha!

Studying abroad and moving to a new place is always a great idea, even though it can be quite stressful and overwhelming at the beginning. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out! Whether you are unsure about the transport options, exchanging money, shopping possibilities, or the local culture – We got you all covered. Just follow the simple tips in this Blogpost and you will be able to fully enjoy all the beautiful and unique aspects of Prague also known as “The center of Europe” or “The city of hundred towers”.

Getting around

From my own experience (I am getting lost literally all the time), I know that it can be quite challenging to get familiar with the public transport system in different places. Therefore, it’s always best to get an overview in advance. I have done a little research on that topic to make that task easier for you. To begin with, the public transport options close to our THE FIZZ Praha are various and you can reach the closest metro station “Nadraži Holešovice” in about three minutes walking distance. It might also be good news for you that it only takes you about 8 minutes to reach the Prague Mainstation or the biggest Bus station “Florenc”. If you arrive at the airport, it is not very complicated either and takes you about 60 minutes to get to THE FIZZ.

Prague’s main public transport company offers different types of tickets, which you can best purchase online or directly through their app. The app comes in handy for a lot more things. You can also look up departure times, routes from A to B, store your ticket electronically and much more.  

Changing money

The next topic to deal with after your arrival in Prague will be where and how to get the local currency “CzechKoruna (Kč)“. The best and safest way to get Kč in Prague is by withdrawing from an ATM machine as they mostly offer better rates than exchange offices. To be extra safe, I’d recommend you to regularly check the current exchange rates on official websites and to use a currency converter app, which you can download in every app store. Also keep in mind to have a credit card with you during your entire time in Prague as some ATMs don’t accept debit cards and the fees for services, like withdrawing a different currency, are generally lower. Anyhow, as the process of moving to another place itself can be stressful enough, it is also a good idea to change some money in your home country beforehand.

Explore your city

After arriving and making yourself comfortable at THE FIZZ, it is finally time to get out and explore your new city. Just take the metro to the city center and (cringe alert) become enchanted by the city’s unique flair.  From the famous Municipal House to the outstanding Prague Castle, you will pass various main attractions such as the Tynn Church, the Old Town Hall with its special astronomical clock and the historical Karlsbridge in about 35 minutes walking distance. Oh and the best part: There are multiple options to try the famous dessert “Trdelík“ on your way. My personal recommendation: try something with cinnamon and vanilla. If anything else didn’t convince you till then (which I highly doubt), this delicious culinary experience will definitely get the job done.

If you are more of a sporty type or you simply want to enjoy your Trdelník(s) without guilt, you can also rent a bike with the local city bike company and get to know Prague on two wheels. On their website you will find the terms and conditions of use, different bicycle routes and more.

Shopping options

Whether you want to get a cool outfit for your first day at Uni, office supplies to lead by example and be an organized student or you are a passionate gatherer of snow globes – Prague has a lot to offer. There are various great shopping centers and streets, that will fulfill all your shopping dreams. Good news: the nearest shopping center “Stromovka” is reachable in less than 15 minutes from our THE FIZZ house. It offers 76 different shops, restaurants and even gyms. Probably the best place to shop in Prague is “Palladium”, this huge complex offers an endless variety of stores in many categories. Of course there is also always the possibility to visit one of Prague’s local markets such as “Havelský trh“or “Pražská tržnice”.  Both markets offer a huge variety of different groceries, traditional hand craft and more.

Even after providing you with all this information, there is still a lot more to know and learn about this beautiful city. But don’t stress yourself out and take it step by step – for starters you are good to go with knowing the most important steps after your arrival. Besides, we have some more articles all around our THE FIZZ in Prague for you to discover and a lot more to come.