Frankfurt: the ideal heaven for students & professionals

Frankfurt: the ideal heaven for students & professionals



Frankfurt ranks as one of the top 10 best cities to live in! The ideal heaven for students and young professionals.


is a city dotted with skyscrapers that give it a look unlike any other place in Germany. Due to the visually impressive highrises in the central business district, Frankfurt makes a perfect likeness to the mega city on the East Coast, described as the cultural, financial, and mediacapital of the world. Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about New York City! Frankfurt earned the nickname “Mainhattan” by reference to the Main river and the most popular city in the US. And that’s not the only thing that those two cities have in common! About 36% of NYC’s population is foreign-born, whereas one of three people in Frankfurt is likely to be of foreign nationality as well, which means that you would most likely meet someone who speaks your language or is from your home country. Isn’t that great? Except for being the fifth-most populated cityies in Germany, Frankfurt sits in the heart of Europe with about 5 hours distance from major European cities. The Frankfurt International Airport makes life easy for you by offering a direct flight to over 300 destinations in the world. Interested to live in a “European Big Apple”? Keep reading!

Frankfurt: the ideal heaven for students & professionals frankfurt g51f81d55c 1920
The central business district captures your attention right away and has ten of the tallest skyscrapers in Germany |Photo by Leonhard Niederschwimmer via Pixabay

The city…

has a beautiful old town, an interesting city tour, wonderful museums, delicious restaurants, and several unique attractions. In Frankfurt, you can admire both the classic building style exemplified by Romer City Hall or the Old Opera House, for instance, and the cutting edge of the architecture shown off with the Squaire complex or the Seat of the European Central Bank. The best way to get your first glimpse at its uniqueness is to do a hop-on hop-off bus tour or a cruise on the Main river if you like. See the top sights of Frankfurt including the Old Town, the Main Tower as well as the university area in a quick yet informative overview of the city sitting comfortably in a double-decker bus.

Learn about Frankfurt’s past while admiring the city’s illuminated skyline as you glide along the Main river and travel under its bridges. As it is also a lovely city to discover by foot, take a long stroll to get to know it a little better. Start at the north shore of the Main river, take a tour of THE FIZZ, explore street art near the university area and visit the Goethe House, the birth place of Germany’s most famous author and poet. Go across the Iron Foot bridge, make a wish for a good start in Frankfurt and hang an iron lock on the railing. Explore some of 16 separate museums located both on the north and south banks of the Main river, called Museumsufer. Enjoy lunch along the river and make sure to try Frankfurt’s most popular beverage, the apple wine. Except for discovering its touristic site you have to take part in the cultural activities and important events. Exclusively this German metropolis is famous for its trade fairs including Messe Frankfurt, a central logistics and convention centre, the internationally recognized book fair and the worldwide biggest motor show. The world’s most important publishing event, the Frankfurt Book Fair takes place every October. Seize the occasion, you don’t want to miss it!

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This year the Frankfurter Buchmesse opens its doors from the 20th to the 24th of October | Phot by Ahmad Ardity via Pixabay

Your apartment in Frankfurt…

should be a comfortable place well connected to the university or your workplace and ideally to the centre of the city, too. I can tell you which accommodation will meet both your needs and expectations: THE FIZZ Frankfurt! It is situated on one of the main arterial roads in the city, running west from the city centre to the outlying suburbs. Mainzer Landstraße is an important transport and business axis that cuts directly the entire city section.

As one of the largest of all THE FIZZ houses, the residential facility in Frankfurt offers 381 apartments spreading across ten floors. But there is more… At THE FIZZ Frankfurt, you will find a variety of community rooms such as study rooms, gaming rooms, community kitchens or even a fitness studio. What will blow you away is the roof terrace on the 10th floor with a breathtaking view of the city. From there you can see the Main Tower that is actually only 20 minutes away from you with the S-Bahn which is why you are going to be very content choosing THE FIZZ, especially if you work somewhere downtown. And that’s not the only reason! Messe Frankfurt, which also can be seen from the terrace, is reachable in less than half an hour from your future home. The university campus is located about 40 minutes from THE FIZZ so plan a bit more time ahead to get to classes. But don’t worry if you wake up too late one morning! Just grab a snack from the supermarket downstairs, a coffee from one of the cafes on the way and start the day with a smile.

Frankfurt: the ideal heaven for students & professionals frankfurt roof
Look at this astonishing view! Make sure to check out the rooftop terrace as soon as you move in!
Frankfurt: the ideal heaven for students & professionals THEFIZZ Frankfurt Gym4
You can’t argue with the fully equipped gym in your house, and yes it’s free for the FIZZies

‍What do you think? That’s how your housing situation can look very soon. Yes, one of those apartments can be yours, in just one click! Check out a recently posted live tour or the one in 3D of the house in Frankfurt right here! After you experience what awaits you at THE FIZZ, you will have no doubt where you want to live. Frankfurt speaks for itself.