It all comes together at our events

It all comes together at our events



At our FIZZy events the only thing you need to do is to lean back and enjoy. Get an impression of how that could look like.

Do you know that feeling of being caught up in the stress of everyday life seemingly without an escape? And there is always something that holds you back from planning an exciting activity with friends because there’s so much to do? It’s so easy to forget about all the great things we can do besides our studies or work projects. But that is what makes friendships and community so important: To counterbalance the daily rush. Therefore, we decided to take care of all the stressful organisations for you! At our THE FIZZ events the only thing you need to do is to lean back and enjoy. To give you an impression of how that could look like, I’ve collected a few examples from our houses all over Germany.

When looking at the THE FIZZ events one trend becomes clear very quickly: Good Food! (And who could say no to that?). No matter if it’s a pizza night, a wine tasting or a whole cooking course – there are so many opportunities to eat tasty.  Have you, for example, ever been to a crepe- and waffle day? Well, be prepared to wait in line for a bit, because you are not the only one taking an interest in the legendary waffles from THE FIZZ in Aachen. In Bremen, on the other hand, you can enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch surrounded by friends every month. (And psst, this brunch was so popular, that other THE FIZZ locations started to organise it too.)  Wait, you said a wine tasting is not really yours or you are not that much of a pizza fan? No worries THE FIZZ in Darmstadt got you. What about visiting a brewery or making a raclette evening?

And what complements a healthy lifestyle in addition to good food? Fitness of course! When hearing the word “fitness” I immediately think of that one super boring fitness course at school. But I’ll make a promise: Our sports events have nothing to do with that! It’s all about fun and motivating each other. Run at the “Wings of Life” marathon with other FIZZies in Darmstadt or attend a Yoga course at THE FIZZ in Munich. What about a SUP trip, biking tours, or canoeing? Or something with adrenaline like bouldering or go-cart?

But of course, our house managers thought of many things that are neither eating nor fitness – because by all means: these are not the only things that matter. What about a city tour or a Poetry Slam in Darmstadt? Or dive into new cultures at one of the international dinners at THE FIZZ in Hannover. A Gaming night? A Cinema night? Or something special? Then you should visit our THE FIZZ 50s diner bus in Freiburg!

But we’re not just giving you the chance to meet up with your fellow FIZZies we also want to show you the highlights of the city. One of my favourite examples, therefore, is the “Rhododendron Park” in Bremen. During the early weeks of summer, a simple walk through the park turns into an adventure full of blooming rhododendron. Of course, we do not miss that opportunity – believe me, such a visit is worth quite a few photos. Our house in Freiburg takes advantage of its beautiful courtyard – not just for barbeques with their house manager Matthias but also for the best parties.

Ups, I said “best parties” and now I feel like someone stares at me slightly annoyed… The lounge parties at THE FIZZ in Munich might be even better. Or their Hawaii themed parties on the roof terrace? There you can not only enjoy the jovial atmosphere you can also take a look over the city.

But what about THE FIZZ in Frankfurt? They know how to party – no matter if karaoke or a blackout party with neon lights.

I guess you have to decide for yourself which ones are the best!

In the end, all THE FIZZ events have one thing in common: They are the perfect opportunity to make new friends, especially when you are new to the city. And a fresh start in a new apartment needs to be celebrated!

In all THE FIZZ houses the local team organises a Welcome Party at the start of the semester. It’s the event, that brings everything together: Good food and drinks, music, mini-games, meeting new neighbours. And getting to know the house managers, caretakers and study helpers (or just enjoy the lively atmosphere, when you already know everyone ;)).

And of course, there’s no need to feel bad if you don’t have the time to attend an event you would like or if you’re not feeling like meeting people sometimes – the opportunity will surely come again!