To protect our tenants and staff, we have taken a number of measures: Our common areas, study rooms, fitness rooms, Movie & Gaming areas, community kitchens and outdoor areas have been upgraded and adapted in accordance with current regulations. At the same time, we provide alternative online services to ensure the moral and emotional balance of our tenants.The staff on site is trained and prepared for the extraordinary situation.

Together we master difficult times!

Your advantages

Closeness with distance

Common areas
The community areas offer sufficient space for common activities, while respecting safety precautions (maximum number of people, minimum distances). Spacious (outdoor) areas such as patio, garden or fitness room are used for relaxation, sports activities and contact with fellow human beings.

Safe in your own apartment

A higher standard of hygiene is guaranteed thanks to a private living room with its own bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living, sleeping and working area. Suitable equipment for home office/home study is available. If necessary, there is the possibility of self quarantine.

Together not alone

Whether open air cinema, house music in the courtyard or a bike ride in the surrounding area: community activities help against loneliness. We continue to offer our tenants opportunities for exchange and relaxation.

All under one roof

No room for cabin fever: our open building concepts offer plenty of freedom of movement without having to set foot outside the door. Neighbours can meet each other at a safe distance in the spacious community areas, on the wide corridors or in the extensive outdoor areas.

A strong connection

A reliable internet connection is included in the rental price – there are no additional costs due to higher consumption in home office/home study. In addition, we offer our residents online courses such as yoga and exclusive lectures as well as access to offers and exchange in the Closed Communities.

Always there for you

The trained House Management is also available remotely and maintains active contact with the residents. The Closed Communities serve as an exclusive communication channel. Tenants are informed immediately by e-mail about important updates.

Contactless services

Free or cashless services reduce avoidable contacts (e.g. washing by chip system). Household appliances are rented in a carefully controlled manner, respecting the rules of distance and hygiene, and disinfected after each use.

Up to


The health and well-being of our tenants remains our top priority. We are closely monitoring developments and proactively following the advice of the Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Federal Foreign Office. In this way, we make an effective contribution to preventing the spread of the Corona virus and ensuring the safety of our residents and staff on site.

Any more

Covid-19 Update

Check out our helpdesk for all the information on our Covid-19 measures.