The Best Christmas Markets: THE FIZZ Edition

The Best Christmas Markets: THE FIZZ Edition



The following selection of Christmas markets has been hand-picked for you from recommendations by THE FIZZ staff and residents.

Berlin: Alt-Rixdorf Christmas Market

Marketing Coordinator Janice says:

“Only 5 minutes’ walk from the noisy, pulsating Sonnenallee, there lies Rixdorf, which is a real village – in the middle of Neukölln! The charming Christmas market is only open a few days in December but there is a program with music, singing, interesting exhibitions and fairy tale witches as well as pony rides for the children. There are many old townhouses in Rixdorf, which offer a great backdrop for the small market. The village is already very old – older than the city of Berlin itself. The medieval blacksmith’s shop is still preserved; there, you can have a horseshoe forged by the master blacksmiths as a lucky charm.”

When: December 6 – 8

Bremen: Schlachte-Zauber

House Manager Frank says:

“What is better than a Christmas market? A Christmas market right next to the water! The so-called Schlachte-Zauber is located directly on the Weser promenade and thus has a fine maritime touch. You may not miss the historically built Hanseatic village. You can get hot beverages or mead directly from the ship. It doesn’t matter that the “real” sea is still about a hundred kilometres downstream: When the evening fireworks are reflecting in the Weser, it is a one-of-a-kind experience!”

When: November 23 – December 23

Schlachte - Zauber

Hanover: The Historic Village

SBM Ahmad says:

“There are several Christmas markets in Hanover, all of which somehow belong together: There are the traditional Christmas market in the historic old town, the Finnish Christmas village or the Wunschbrunnenwald. Personally, I think the Historical Village is the best. It lies on the banks of the river Leine around the Historical Museum and looks like a real medieval market. There are craftsmen, jugglers and magicians who show their skills. They also have bread from the wood stove and the meat is grilled over the open fire – yumm! You can also get something other than the usual mulled wine: hot mead or berry wine. This will make your visit to the Christmas market even better!”

Darmstadt: Christmas and Artisan Market Weiterstadt

House Manager Gerhard says

“My insider tip is the Christmas market in the Rococo castle Braunshardt, which belongs to Darmstadt Weiterstadt. Here, you can stroll in the beautiful castle garden along a multitude of nice stands without feeling the hectic pace of the big Christmas markets. In addition to culinary delicacies and stalls of the arts and crafts market, you can listen to a trombone choir or visit the Rococo castle. There is also a curling rink. Beware! The market is only open between December 6 and 8. You can reach Weiterstadt easily by bus from Darmstadt main station.”

When: December 6 – 8

Frankfurt: CityAlm

SBM Mo says

“The CityAlm is very popular in Frankfurt. It is located in the middle of the city centre on the roof of the Konstabler multi-storey car park and therefore offers a wonderful view of the skyline. In the wooden cabin, you feel like being on a mountain pasture, including Kaiserschmarrn, schnapps and of course apple wine. If you want to get a seat there, you should definitely make a reservation. The Christmas market is relatively small and often very crowded. But that’s exactly why you always meet people you know there.”

When: November 1 – December 30 (CityXmas)

Sausage stand at the Christmas market

Freiburg: Christmas Market in the Ravenna Gorge

House Manager Matthias says:

“Every weekend, the Christmas market in the Ravenna Gorge opens its doors. As the name suggests, it is located in a gorge in the middle of the Black Forest under the railway viaduct of the Höllental Railway. In order to reach this special market, you have to travel a little: An hour by regional train from Freiburg to Himmelreich or Hinterzarten. Then, a (free) shuttle bus takes you from there. But it’s worth it! My FIZZies go there every year as a group, that has a long tradition. You should also eat a “Freiburger Lange Rote”, which is the queen of sausages. In addition, have a winegrower’s glow wine – delicious!”

When: Each weekend from November 29 – December 22


Vienna: A few more recommendations!

Marketing Manager Anja says:

“Limit yourself to ONE Christmas Market in Vienna? Impossible! We really have plenty of and everyone has its own charme. I’ll keep it short: My top three would be the Schönbrunn Christmas Market (Vienna flair deluxe, very touristic but worth the hurly-burly), the Christmas Village at the Uni Campus Old AKH in the 9th district (more cosiness on winding paths below the trees) and the Christmas Market at Spittelberg in the 7th district (the special one!). There is not only additional information but even more recommendations in my blog post 😊”

We wish you a great time and several mugs of warm mulled wine!

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