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The sooner you book, the better price offer you get!

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Is your contract ending before April 2023? Renew it till the 15th of January 2023 and benefit from the special offer with our pricing concept:

Save on the monthly net cold rent
Pay a reduced admission fee – 15 €*

*Not applicable for apartment swaps.

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Please note that your apartment is secured for renewal only until the 15.01.23. After that we can no longer guarantee its availability for renewal.

If you already declined our renewal offer, your apartment will be directly offered online for bookings and we also can no longer guarantee that it will still be available in case you change your mind.
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All info
Here you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can contact our sales team at

Special price offer

How can I get a personal price offer for renewal?

Please fill out the form above and our sales team will send you your personal price offer which is dependent on your length of stay and the time you book your apartment.


Until when can I renew my contract and receive the special price offer? 

You can receive your special personal price offer if you renew your contract until the 15.01.23In order to receive it, please fill out the form above. 


Do I need to complete the new booking, or will you adjust my current lease?  

Yes, we would need to make the new booking since the current lease has been done for specific date & period. The new booking will be done by our booking team after you have agreed to your personal price offer.  


For how long may I extend?

You may renew your contract for 6 or 12 months. The sooner you book and longer you stay, the better price offer you get! 


May I change the apartment?  

It depends on the availability of the apartments. If there is an available option, the change of the apartment is possible. Please note that there will be a regular admission fee in such case:

  • 80/100 € for 12 month stays
  • 150 € for 5-6 month stays


May I stay in the same apartment?

Yes, you may stay in the same apartment if you renew your contract until 15.01.23. From 16.01.23 we will open the bookings for summer semester and can no longer guarantee that your current apartment will still be available for renewal. 


What documents should I provide for a renewal? 

In order to renew your contract, we need to receive a certificate of enrolment/employment (in case you are a young professional) and liability insurance. 


Can I stay in my apartment if I renew the contract after the 15.01.23?  

It depends on the availability. If your apartment is still available, of course, we will be happy to offer it to you. However, you will no longer be eligible for personal renewal offer and will have to pay the ‘All-in’ price listed online. 


What can I do if I want to renew later, and my apartment is no longer available anymore? 

If your apartment is no longer available, we will try to find another apartment for you (upon availability). 


In which cases I might not be able to renew my contract?

You will not be able to renew your contract if you still have open payments from your current contract or if you have not provided us a SEPA Form. Please complete these steps first to be able to renew your contract. 

Payments & contract

Will my rent stay the same if I renew my contract?  

All the renewals are carried out according to our new pricing concept, so please fill out the form above in order to get your personal price offer, the rent may be different. 


Do I have to pay the admission fee again?  

With our pricing concept, a reduced admission fee (old ‘service fee’) is requested in advance if the extension takes place for the same apartment. The reduced admission fee is only 15 € instead of maximum 150 €.

The service fee is now included in the monthly all-in price. If you wish to renew your contract in a different apartment, then the regular admission fee will apply:

  • 80/100 € for 12 month stays
  • 150 € for 5-6 month stays


Do I have to pay the deposit again?  

If the difference of the current and new deposit is up to 100€, no extra deposit is needed. If the difference is over 100€, it must be paid additionally. 


Should I transfer the first month again or will it be charged automatically?  

It will be charged automatically from your SEPA since it is an extension, so you do not have to transfer it again. 


Can I cancel/withdraw from my contract after I have renewed it if my plans change? 

After you have renewed your contract, you may no longer withdraw from the contract. 


Which ‘All-in’ price do I receive if I renew my contract after the promotion period is over?  

It depends on the period you renew your contract and the length of your stay, for more info please contact our sales team at