To-Do’s in the tri-border area of Aachen

To-Do’s in the tri-border area of Aachen



Find out great activities like sightseeing, day trips or hiking in natur while living in Aachen.

Aachen – The Emperor’s city, or as many know it, the Kaiserstadt, was once the great center of the Roman Empire, the place where thirty-two German emperors were crowned. Located in the Tri-border area, it provides endless opportunities for active students that enjoy sightseeing, day trips or hiking in nature. Let us show you some of the best activities to put on your to-do list when living in Aachen.

To-Do's in the tri-border area of Aachen Eifel panorama
Beautiful Eifel landscape | Photo by S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay

The Eifel Region – Home of Aachen

Aachen is located in the western region of Germany – the Eifel. It is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and for the numerous day trip destinations it has to offer.

One of such destinations is Eltz Castle in the Eifel forest. Hike to the castle from Moselkern for about an hour and reach the magical and captivating Eltz Castle. Owned by the same family for over 850 years, it has preserved its history and uniqueness through the centuries. There are also guided tours available that offer a glimpse of the interior of the castle, in addition to the great view from the outside.

If you want to immerse yourself in a tiny town filled with historic half-timbered houses and enchanting views of medieval castle ruins, a place like Monreal might be for you. Perfect for a day trip, it offers picturesque nature and charming streets for a cozy stroll. When in Monreal, swing by the ‘Viergiebelhaus’, or house of four gables, which now serves as the local town hall.

Our personal favourite and an absolute must visit when in the Eifel region is a small cozy town of Monschau. Monschau is a small resort town located in the Eifel region close to the Belgian border. If you want to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere and feel like a character from your childhood fairy tale, this is a place to go. Located in the middle of the Eifel nature reserve, Monschau makes a perfect place for your escape from daily routine life or for a stop during your hike in nature. Explore the historical centre, visit The Red House and dive into 18th century life of the upper middle class and enjoy the panoramic views of the city that take your breath away during any season of the year.

To-Do's in the tri-border area of Aachen Monschau
Picturesque Monschau | Phot by Aline Dassel via Pixabay

Must Visit For Our City Dwellers

For all our city lovers, Aachen is one of the perfect places to be when planning a day trip to one of the cities in Germany, Netherlands or Belgium. If you have read our previous blog on the best activities to do in Aachen, you might know that this city is famous for being located next to the three country point. This sweet spot allows you to reach numerous interesting cities in one of the bordering countries. Some of the first cities on your list could be Brussels or a port city Antwerp that are within a 2 hour reach by bus or train. Enjoy the vibrant student city life, while trying some
of the best Belgian beer or waffles.

If you are looking for a relaxed and inspiring trip, in just about an hour you can reach the old German cathedral city Cologne. Explore the numerous historic churches and museums, hop on a Rhine River Cruise or visit Cologne Zoological Gardens. You can also do all these activities in one day if you are brave!

Another one for the city lovers is Maastricht! Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and a home to many old gothic-style churches and cathedrals, futuristic-looking Bonnefanten art museum, monumental merchant houses, and big squares that harmoniously blend with a wide selection of shops.

To-Do's in the tri-border area of Aachen des parc du cinquantenaire brussels
Des Parc du Cinquantenaire Brussels | Photo by Paul Deetmann via Pexels

Hikers & Nature Lovers Get Your Backpacks Ready

Are you looking for a beautiful nature day hike nearby Aachen? High Fens is the largest nature park in Belgium, which is located in the east of its country and adjoining parts of Germany. Those who appreciate nature will find it to be a true paradise, where wild nature provides beautiful views for its visitors. Don’t forget to look out for beavers and deers as they are known to be common residents around these areas.

But if you are looking for more woods, more water and more wilderness, a destination like Eifel National Park is the one for you. It is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, bordering Belgium. Here you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature but experience how the two volcanic disruptions, that happened on park’s territory before, influenced the surface of the land. You can even extend your stay for longer than one day and visit some of the park’s hotels, museums and restaurants.

So which one is going to be your next destination? Don’t forget to share your travel tips with @the_fizz_ on Instagram!

To-Do's in the tri-border area of Aachen Hiking
Go hiking in beautiful Eifel National PArk | Photo by Ales Krivec via Pixabay