5 cool Things to do in Hamburg

5 cool Things to do in Hamburg



As a student in a diverse city, you are not only going to learn from books, but also from the blazing life! Hamburg is a gem in northern Germany.

As a student, you are not only going to learn from books, but also the blazing life! Rich in history, elegant architecture, encompassing parklands, Hamburg is a gem in northern Germany. It offers enough for everyone, and so it is an exciting place to create your adult, independent life. To save you the trouble of wondering what to do in Hamburg, we have put together a list of a few of our recommendations so you can get the best experience right at the start! Without further ado, let’s get to 5 cool things to do in Hamburg!

1. Cruise around the Speicherstadt!

Situated on the banks of the River Elbe, Hamburg is home to the third busiest port in Europe. The majority of postcards from Hamburg portray different parts around its long-standing connection to the sea. One of the most popular pictures of Hamburg is the largest warehouse district in the world, called the Speicherstadt. This unique region was built as a free zone where merchants could transfer goods without having to pay customs. Buildings in this area were used to store tobacco, coffee, dried fruit, and spices. Located right next to the water, this district is notable for its colorful red bricks and neo-Gothic architecture. The best time to visit Speicherstadt is when it’s dark because the entire area gets illuminated by lights. For a close-up look at the warehouses, take a boat trip around the harbor and get amazed with the first landmark in Hamburg which was awarded the status of UNESCO world heritage site.

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2. Heighten your senses at Dialogue in the Dark!

Located close to the harbor, this is an absolute must on the list! What you can expect to experience in everyday environments and activities… in total darkness! Dialogue in the Dark offers a special opportunity to put oneself in the position of a blind person and explore life in the dark. Inside, you are going to “have a look” at an exhibition without the use of sight aided by a blind guide and a walking stick. In addition, enjoy an exquisite four-course menu without seeing what’s on your plate. The whole experience heightens your other senses and pushes you out of your comfort zone while demonstrating the everyday difficulties facing the blind.

3. Explore Miniatur Wunderland!

Are you familiar with the famous quote “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”? Well, the Miniatur Wunderland is going to take you to a world where big things are a lot smaller than we are used to. Hamburg’s blockbuster attraction is a place that brings the inner child out of everyone. Built on a truly massive scale, the attraction covers an impressive 2,300 square meters! The detailing here is like no other and everything looks very real. The exhibit contains the largest model railway and airport in the world where planes take off! Highlights include areas dedicated to the USA, Scandinavia, and Germany with a tiny version of literally everything from trains, moving vehicles up to houses, volcanoes, beaches, swimming pools, and little people. All these places have thousands of automated moving parts controlled by a sophisticated computer. And get this: the collection keeps increasing as more pieces are added to it periodically. So, as we stated earlier: our lives are made with those little wonders… and the Miniatur Wunderland is without a doubt a wonder on a mini scale.

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4. Make your own chocolate at the Chocolate Factory!

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming Charlie and visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? At Chocoversum you can make this dream a reality! It is a fun interactive museum where everything revolves around chocolate. Follow the journey of cocoa beans from cultivation to the finished chocolate bar, while enjoying samples of the food of the gods through the various stages of production. And guess what? At the end of the tour, you can even create your custom-made bar of chocolate. Discover a sweeter side of Hamburg and enter a world with a gentle chocolate aroma in the air. So, chocoholics, what do you say?

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5. Make THE FIZZ Hamburg your future home!

If you are looking for a student apartment close to the university, then THE FIZZ Hamburg is your spot. In the northern part of the Altona district, you are going to find a brand-new residence facility with 453 rooms furnished to high-quality standards. Move into a private suite or a double studio with your other half and take advantage of all community areas such as the gaming room, the in-house fitness room, or the rooftop terrace. Enjoy the proximity from THE FIZZ and get to the city center or the university in only 20 minutes with the S-Bahn! Book a room at THE FIZZ and leave all your worries behind.

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And there you have it: 5 cool things to do in Hamburg! Those are only a few tips for the beginning! As you go along, you are going to discover so much more about your future home. But one thing will stay the same: you enjoy all-inclusive living at THE FIZZ.

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