„Allee, Allee, …“ and „Schiri, wir wissen wo dein Auto steht!“

June 4, 2018

Balls, balls, balls... World Cup is coming!

Attention, the time has come once again: football/soccer madness is about to start - regardless if you are into the game itself or only the players ;-) !

With the whistle first blowing on June 14, this year’s world cup is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with memorizing the match schedule, the different fan chants (Sorry for the headline - we could only remember German songs :P) or with keeping your bored girlfriend happy. BUT we can reveal the best spots for public viewings  in Vienna. Here we go!



Football at the beach… why not?

We hope you have been at least once chilling at the Donaukanal (Danube Canal) so far. If not, you definitely need to go there. Bring some drinks, music, friends and you are good to go for a great day, afternoon or night!

Okay, back to subject: The Donaukanal awaits you with many (beach) bars, clubs and other locations which are “born” for watching football on warm summer evenings.



Beach chairs, cocktails, … the Strandbar Hermann is definitely one of the best spots for cheering on your team. A picture says more than a thousand words:

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Strandbar Hermann
© www.strandbarherrmann.at


Close to our first location (which is quite cool if you are too late for snatching yourself a seat), you find the Badeschiff. It’s not only called “bathing boat”, it actually is kind of a boat! With a pool on it!? An amazing place for going crazy when your team wins...

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Badeschiff
© adidas/FotobyHofer, https://drehundangelpunkt.at/2016/06/26


After the party is before the party! Or you can just keep partying all the time, for example at Flex. The games are being broadcasted in the club’s garden or on the roof. Sounds great! Especially, if you want to celebrate your team’s victory afterwards, you can stay at Flex and dance until 6 am. Amazing nights are to come!



Right between or in the middle of the locations mentioned above, you find Adria and its glass house. Hipster alert! But you see, at Donaukanal you don’t have to worry about overcrowded public viewings. If you don’t get a seat some place, just go to the next location!

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Adria (Donaukanal)
© Adria Wien/Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Adria-Wien-133777896653219/



Party like a football star!

Quiz time: Do you remember what you read just a few paragraphs above? Party before, during AND after the game at the same spot… Besides Flex, Vienna also has to offer several other bars and clubs broadcasting world cup games. Sounds like perfect party nights...



Poolparty, poolparty, poolparty! The Electro, House and Techno club Pratersauna not only has a nice garden – a blessing for party nights in Summer! – but also a pool waiting for you. The football matches will be broadcasted on several huuuuge screens.

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Pratersauna
© www.goodnight.at


  • Chelsea
  • WUK
  • Charly P’s
  • Stiegl Ambulanz


Oh wait, we also have a place that puts severals bars and restaurants to drink, eat and cheer together in one big location:


In Winter, Vienna’s ice skating club members gracefully glide over the ice here. And in Summer… Well, more or less gracefully, hundreds of beach, burger and cocktail lovers glide or rather slide over the sand and boardwalks in Vienna’s biggest beach club. Chairs, tables, cocktail bars, tacos, sushi, sweets, volleyball, … there are so many things to enjoy, you should check it out yourself. While doing that, you can follow the football games!

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Sand in the City
© Tirza Podzeit



(Almost) Public Viewings at THE FIZZ!

Don’t forget! You live in a house with a huge flatscreen TV, a gallery and many many many football lunatics from all over the world. So, here is our best recommendation: Talk to your friends and neighbours at THE FIZZ, get some drinks and start your own public viewing! 

THE FIZZ recommends public viewing locations for the World Cup 2018: Movie lounge at THE FIZZ Vienna

And, dear FIZZies, this tip is not only limited to THE FIZZ Vienna: It's wonderful at whichever THE FIZZ you are living at!

Have a great World Cup!

© Header: Josh Sorenson/Pexels.com

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