clever fit: Your free gym at THE FIZZ

May 7, 2018

Free workouts at THE FIZZ - only just a dream?

7 am. The alarm goes off. You open your eyes. Haven’t you just been chilling at the beach With a cool cocktail? Well, that must have been a nice dream. But you know you have a mission: Gym is calling! Motivation… 100 %!


Bed off, shoes on – ready for workout!

Stretch out a bit and you are good to go for your morning workout. Why even bother to take off your pyjamas when the gym is inside the house?


clever fit is ready for you!

Correct, you don’t need glasses: The gym is inside THE FIZZ! On 20 April, clever fit opened its doors to all sports enthusiasts. Modern cardio machines, weight training machines, functional area and many great things more are waiting for you at the in-house gym.

Practically having a fitness studio in front of your apartment door itself is amazing. But it's even getting better. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present…




Free cleverfit membership for FIZZies

All tenants of THE FIZZ Vienna enjoy working out for free at clever fit!

And here is what you get for… oh wait… nothing (0 €)*:

Uh oh, looks like leg day! (photo by clever fit)

Or rather some cardio? Summer is coming... (photo by clever fit)

Maybe a big biceps will distract from the soon to be sixpack. (photo by clever fit)

Until then: Why not use your body weight for working out in the functional area? (photo by clever fit)

Tell me how?

You have already put on your trainers and can’t wait to get down to clever fit for registration? Perfect. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Show your tenancy agreement and your ID at the clever fit reception.
  2. You will sign a regular contract without bearing any additional costs as the gym is free for all FIZZies.
  3. When signing up, you will receive a ribbon, which gives you access to the gym during opening hours.
  4. Start your work out like our Superfizzy!


*For a monthly fee, you can also use the solarium and PowerPlates, get drinks and protein shakes or enjoy some personal training. More information at the reception at clever fit.

Please return your "entrance ribbon" when moving out of THE FIZZ.


Header and thumbnail image by clever fit.

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