Information for parents

So your son or daughter has chosen their university degree course. But where are they going to live?

Living in a THE FIZZ student residence has many advantages. Every resident has an apartment and doesn’t need not worry about furnishing it, arranging an Internet connection or washing laundry. Everything is here, under one roof and it’s all included in the rent.

The feeling of community is one of the benefits at THE FIZZ student residences. Our regular Jour FIZZ get-togethers, movie nights, BBQ-evenings and excursions ensure that your daughter or son quickly makes connections with other residents and new friendships blossom. As a result they will feel comfortable in their new city soon – from the outset.

The safety of your son or daughter is our top priority. That’s why every THE FIZZ student residence has a concierge and an intercom-door-system and some buildings are also equipped with CCTV. Our concierges always have a friendly ear, lend their support during the process of arriving at THE FIZZ, moving in, greets visitors, takes in parcels, offers security and generally serves as the go-to person for any little everyday problems a student might have.