THE FIZZ. Much more than just a student residence!

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"Living cum laude" is the motto of THE FIZZ. It stands for "Living and much more besides." THE FIZZ is a philosophy: Our student residences are not only places for studying, living and everyday life. Rather, they are vibrant and creative meeting places that provide unique access to a smart, international student community and free up spaces for new thinking.

THE FIZZ is about open-mindedness, tolerance and integration. In all houses you can expect a welcoming, cosmopolitan and inspiring atmosphere. Each student is an important and equal part of THE FIZZ - regardless of colour, nationality or religion. THE FIZZ is your community for an unforgettable time whilst studying and an international network for a successful professional future.

A variety of benefits and services are available to make your student life enjoyable and varied. In addition to your own apartment, THE FIZZ student residences offer you attractive lounge areas with flat screen TVs as well as communal kitchens, study and seminar rooms and much more.

A wide range of events and activities ensures that you’re not alone for long in your new city and you settle down quickly. A House Coordinator is there for you from the start as a central point of contact.

We also want you closely involved in the development and optimisation of the series we offer. With that in mind, regular meetings are held at THE FIZZ to gather your ideas and wishes.

We want your studies to be the best time of your life. No more, no less. This is what drives us, day after day.